Stealth and Action Collide in Upcoming Indie Game Raw Metal

An exciting new indie game called Raw Metal is set to launch on Steam next year, bringing together stealth gameplay and action-packed combat. Developed and published by Team Crucible, this sci-fi dungeon crawler throws players into a high-stakes infiltration against the forces of a corrupt megacorporation.

A Lone Scavenger on a Hostile Planet

An indie game featuring a group of people in a futuristic setting.

In Raw Metal, players take on the role of a scavenger who has traveled to the distant exoplanet Charybdis. This hazardous mining planet is completely controlled by the massive company Orpheus Tech. As a scavenger, your goal is to stealthily infiltrate their remote facilities and secure valuable resources while avoiding detection and confrontation.

Gameplay Focused on Stealth and Avoiding Conflict

The core gameplay of Raw Metal emphasizes stealth above all else. Players can utilize gadgets like taser darts, noisemakers, and flashbangs to distract, lure away, or incapacitate threats instead of engaging in direct combat. The game challenges you to find paths through each facility, learning guard routes and slipping between patrols. Getting caught will alert lockdowns, bring in reinforcements, and force you into challenging combat scenarios.

Fast-Paced, Challenging Combat

While stealth is the focus, the combat in Raw Metal is just as important. Fighting multiple guards or powerful bosses in close-quarters requires skill, cunning use of abilities and equipment, and mastering your environment. The game features a range of weapons and damage types to counter different enemies. Players will have to think fast and fight smart if they end up in a confrontation.

Diverse Features Planned for Launch

An indie game featuring a thrilling action sequence where a silhouette of a man and woman engage in stealthy running at night.

Raw Metal is planned as a rich game full of options for players. The initial Steam launch will include core stealth and combat gameplay, a collection of themed regions each with multiple levels, unique boss fights testing your abilities, and systems for customizing your character. The developers also promise expanded lore and story content set in the mining operations environment. More features will be added and improved post-launch based on community feedback.

Runs on Most Modern PCs

While detailed requirements are yet to be finalized, Raw Metal is built using Unreal Engine 4 and expected to support a range of modern systems. The developers note that an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and graphics cards equivalent to the NVIDIA 900-series should be sufficient to run the game.

With its tense stealth-action gameplay, Raw Metal is shaping up to provide a thrilling challenge. Players can wishlist the game on Steam now before its launch this March.

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