Ultimate Guide to Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Indiana Jones is set to crack his whip again in an all-new action-packed video game coming in 2024. Developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will transport players to 1937 as the iconic adventurer in a original story set between the first and third Indiana Jones films. In this ultimate guide we look at the story, gameplay, features and the all important release date for Indy’s return.

An Original Indiana Jones Adventure

Indiana Jones embarks on a thrilling adventure in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

In Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, the infamous archaeologist finds himself in a race against time to stop shadowy groups seeking to exploit an ancient power connected to mysterious sites across the globe that form a perfect circle on a map – hence the moniker “Great Circle.”

From the streets of Rome to the deserts of Egypt, players will traverse glamorous 1937-era locales with Nazis hot on Indy’s heels.

The narrative promises signature Indiana Jones action, puzzles, supernatural mystique, and death-defying stunts.

Whip-Cracking, Pulse-Pounding Gameplay

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle - A group of men in green uniforms traversing through a forest.

Developer MachineGames aims to capture the daring spirit of the movies in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’s gameplay.

Featuring a first-person view, players will punch, shoot, and crack Indy’s whip against fearsome foes. For less aggressive players, stealth mechanics also allow covert takedowns and evasion. Indy’s whip comes in handy for crossing gaps, disabling objects, and even grappling certain items.

And what’s an Indiana Jones game without ancient puzzles and traps to test one’s wits? Environments will allow climbing, swimming, and other interactive elements seen in the films. With pulse-pounding action, brain-teasing puzzles, death-defying stunts, and spanning stunning 1937 locales, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle aims to be the definitive interactive Indy fantasy.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Gameplay Reveal

Fans eagerly anticipating the game recently got their first real look at the whip-cracking action. During January’s Developer_Direct presentation, Lucasfilm Games and MachineGames showcased an extensive 13-minute gameplay demo offering a thrilling glimpse at players’ adventure to come. Viewers witnessed series hero Indiana Jones battling hostile forces across glamorous 1937 locales using signature brute force and stealth combat tactics.

The reveal footage highlights The Great Circle’s first-person presentation, with players utilizing Indy’s trusty whip, fists, and collected weapons to overcome obstacles and foes.

A Blockbuster Development Team

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle puzzles

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle comes courtesy of some major heavy hitters. MachineGames developer Jerk Gustafsson directs, bringing his action-game chops honed on the modern Wolfenstein franchise.

Executive producer Todd Howard lends his open-world mastery shown in Bethesda’s acclaimed Fallout, Elder Scrolls RPGs and the recent Starfield. And to give the game its authentic 1930s cinematic flair, the team has enlisted veteran Indiana Jones composer John Williams’ musical collaborator Gordy Haab. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle has the creators and creative juice poised to let players live out their ultimate Indy fantasies.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Release Date

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda means Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and Windows in 2024.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play the title on day one as part of their subscription. Indiana Jones fans have awaited an epic, cinematic interactive experience capturing the daring action and ingenious puzzles of the iconic films. By the development pedigree alone, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle may finally fulfill those adventurous hopes when it cracks its whip across Xbox and PC platforms this year.

For more information, visit the official Indiana Jones and the Great Circle website, or check out the game on Steam and the Xbox store.

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