New Expansion “Land of the Morning Light” For Black Desert Online at Paris Games Week

Pearl Abyss has announced they will be showcasing the new Black Desert Online “Land of the Morning Light” expansion at the upcoming Paris Games Week.

With over 50 million players across PC, mobile, and console, the Black Desert franchise has earned a reputation for incredible depth and engaging gameplay. Now, Pearl Abyss is inviting both existing fans and newcomers alike to immerse themselves in the rich, vibrant world of the new expansion at their Paris Games Week booth.

Step Into the Joseon Dynasty

A captivating screenshot of a lively Chinese village in the immersive world of Black Desert Online, bustling with people engaged in daily activities.

“Land of the Morning Light” draws inspiration from Korea’s final kingdom, the 500-year Joseon dynasty. This unique setting is brought to life through Pearl Abyss’ breathtaking graphics and intricate worldbuilding. Attendees will have the chance to explore Korean palaces, tranquil temples, and sweeping landscapes. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be transported to an era defined by philosophical enlightenment and artistic achievement.

Hands-On Experience in the MasterRide Vehicle

To fully immerse visitors in the MMORPG world of Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss has brought their MasterRide roadshow vehicle. The MasterRide features eight high-end PCs for attendees to jump into the action themselves. Guides will be on hand to assist newcomers and give a full rundown of the expansion’s new player-friendly enhancements. Veterans can immediately see how the Joseon setting expands the game’s already massive world.

Meet Black Desert Cosplayers

What better way to bring Black Desert Online to life than with dedicated cosplayers? Drawmeacosplay and Scarpy Cosplay will be on hand dressed in full Black Desert Online regalia.

A man in a costume sitting on a log in the woods. One of the keywords is
Scarpy Cosplay

As the Ranger and Musa classes respectively, their intricate costumes mirror the detail put into the game’s own character designs. Fans will have the opportunity to take photos and chat with the cosplayers during meet and greet sessions.

Take Home Exclusive Souvenirs

As a thank you for checking out the expansion, Pearl Abyss is providing all Paris Games Week attendees who experience Black Desert Online at their booth with special gifts. Visitors will receive a free Traveler’s Edition of the game along with a limited edition Paris Games Week wristband. These exclusive items will serve as memorable souvenirs of the event.

Games, Giveaways, and More Surprises

In collaboration with Cooler Master, Pearl Abyss has plenty of entertainment planned. Attendees can participate in fun quizzes and competitions with prizes provided by Cooler Master. The publisher also teases some special surprise giveaways, likely related to the new expansion. Those who stop by the Black Desert Online booth may just walk away with some exclusive swag.

A Unique Opportunity for New and Existing Players

In a statement, Pearl Abyss CEO Lybee Park expressed excitement about showcasing the Joseon-inspired expansion at Paris Games Week. “This is a truly unique opportunity,” Park said, “both for existing Black Desert Online adventurers and those who have yet to experience our immersive virtual world. We can’t wait for attendees to explore the beauty of the Land of the Morning Light.” Park went on to say that Paris Games Week is the perfect venue to introduce the expansion to the European market.

For both MMORPG veterans and newcomers, Paris Games Week represents a special chance to be the first to discover the rich new expansion. By transporting players to an era filled with intrigue, enlightenment, and natural wonder, “Land of the Morning Light” represents another ambitious, immersive chapter for Black Desert Online. Pearl Abyss has masterfully brought this setting to life and now invites players to experience it firsthand at Paris Games Week.

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