An armed soldier is patrolling the forest with a rifle as part of Project L.E.E.T.

Fresh Extraction Shooter Project L.3.3.T. Bridges The Gap

Everything we know about Project L.E.E.T, Holmgard's debut extraction shooter. This intense first-person action puts you in the shoes of an elite mercenary securing extraterrestrial technology.
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Project L.E.E.T. Alpha and Beta Tests
By Harriet Gough
Holmgard Games has announced March 2024 closed alpha and beta tests for tactical shooter Project L.E.E.T ahead of its early access release. Learn what participating players can expect, PC requirements, and methods for gaining access to these exclusive early tests.
Inkulinati game screenshot
By Harriet Gough
Inspired by medieval marginalia art, Inkulinati lets you lead armies of eccentric Beasts into ink-splattering strategic battles.
Warframe 11th Anniversary
By Harriet Gough
Warframe's latest developer livestream revealed upcoming content including more of Dante's abilities and his Exalted Weapon Noctua, a new multi-stage mission type called Deep Archimedea, and a rework for the tank Warframe Inaros with better ability synergies and a more formidable presence on the battlefield.
A screen displaying a gold number in Last Epoch 1.0.
By Harriet Gough
You can farm gold in Last Epoch in a number of ways, including through completing the main and side quests, Monolith of Fate, Dungeons and Trading Factions.
In need of an easy guide to setting up loot filters in Last Epoch? Look no further! Discover the best way to optimize your loot filtering experience in Last Epoch with our comprehensive tutorial.
By Harriet Gough
Loot filters in Last Epoch allow customization of displayed drops by applying rules to show, hide, recolor or emphasize items that meet conditions.
A screenshot of a character's stats in the game Last Epoch 1.0.
By Zac Kaye
With 1.0 Last Epoch has made a few changes to XP farming and rates. We've compiled the best levelling methods for every XP milestone.
A screen capture of the video game Weaver's Will.
By Zac Kaye
Last Epoch's Weaver's Will system allows players to transform select Unique items into powerful Legendaries. However, its unpredictable nature poses exciting opportunities as well as potential perils.
Nightingale logo
By Harriet Gough
Inflexion Games has released an official overview trailer for their upcoming survival-crafting game Nightingale.
Skull and Bones RPG steering wheel adorned with a skull.
By Harriet Gough
Prepare for swashbuckling maritime adventures as Ubisoft's Skull and Bones takes players to the Golden Age of Piracy. Command ships in intense tactical naval battles, pillage exotic islands, and ultimately rule the waves.
The logo for the media bag, featuring elements inspired by PAYDAY 3 and created based on community feedback in collaboration with developers.
By Zac Kaye
PAYDAY 3 developers respond to community feedback and outline planned improvements to solo mode, progression, rewards, stability, UI, pricing, content updates, and more core heisting aspects prior to the game's release.