Road to Vostok: A Hardcore Survival FPS

Road to Vostok is an upcoming single-player survival FPS game set in a post-apocalyptic border zone between Finland and Russia.

Developed by one man only known as Antti – a former army lieutenant with over 12 years of game industry experience – Road to Vostok aims to deliver a hardcore survival experience with a focus on realism and player-oriented storytelling.

Inspired by the real border area between Finland and Russia, as well as other titles like Stalker Anomaly, DayZ, Project Zomboid, and Escape from Tarkov, the game challenges players to survive, loot, plan, and prepare their way across the Border Zone to enter the Vostok.

Road to Vostok Story


In Road to Vostok, players find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is the only goal.

The game features player-oriented storytelling, allowing players to create their own narratives as they navigate the treacherous Border Zone.

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There is no defined “win condition,” encouraging players to explore, scavenge, and make their own decisions in the face of danger.

Road to Vostok Gameplay


Casual Gamer played the Road to Vostok Early Access demo and was impressed with almost everything it had to offer – check out our first 30 mins of gameplay below.

Road to Vostok offers a realistic and immersive survival experience. Players must scavenge, store, and craft hundreds of unique items based on real-world parameters to ensure their survival.

The game features advanced survival systems, realistic weapon mechanics, and hostile NPC interactions. Players can engage in trading with in-game traders, buying, selling, or exchanging items to improve their chances of survival.


The game world consists of individual maps, each with a unique difficulty rating in terms of NPC-AI. Players can find shelter in safe zones, which serve as storage for loot and save points. These shelters come in varying sizes and can be customized by the player.

The Border Zone divides the game world, and players can only cross through specific Crossing Points leading to Vostok.

Vostok is a dangerous permadeath zone where players risk losing everything upon death, adding an extra layer of tension and challenge to the gameplay.

Game Features

  • The game will feature realistic weapon mechanics and advanced survival systems
  • Scavenging, storing, and crafting of hundreds of unique items based on real-world parameters
  • Trading system with in-game traders
  • Dynamic events like Crash Sites, Airdrops, Ambush, and Trading Quest events
  • Customizable shelters for storing loot and saving the game
  • Permadeath zone in Vostok for an added challenge
  • Potential for Co-op play in the future
  • Modding support planned after the commercial version release

Platforms and Release Date

Road to Vostok is initially designed for PC, with plans to support consoles and Linux in the future.

Controller support will be available, and the game is optimized to accommodate low-end gaming hardware. The game is currently in Early Access, with an estimated release date of 2024.

The developer encourages player feedback on the Early access demo to help shape the game’s future and create the best hardcore survival experience possible. Players can support the project by wishlisting the game on Steam, backing the developers on Patreon, or providing feedback through the website.

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