Pax Dei: The King of Immersive MMOs in 2024?

Pax Dei is an upcoming social sandbox MMO that invites players to immerse themselves in a rich, detailed medieval world. Developed by Mainframe Industries and co-published by New Tales, the game offers a unique blend of crafting, exploration, and social interaction.

Players can create their own unique characters, settle in the vast game world, and work together to build thriving communities. Having played the closed alpha, we think this could be the MMO king when it’s fully released later this year.

Story In Pax Dei

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Players take on the role of pioneers in a medieval setting, carving out their own path in a world filled with mysteries and opportunities.

The game does not feature a traditional linear storyline; instead, the narrative is woven through lore, artifacts, and clues scattered throughout the world.

As players explore, they will uncover the secrets of the land and embark on quests that lead them to hidden treasures, dungeons, and rare rewards.

Gameplay and Features

  • Character Creation: Pax Dei boasts a robust character creation system with a wide range of customization options, allowing players to create truly unique avatars that fit seamlessly into the medieval setting.
  • Vast World: The game world is approximately 300 km² (115 miles²), divided into four main regions: Gallia, Gothia, Iberia, and Anatolia. The initial release focuses on Gallia, which is further split into provinces, including heartland and contested areas. The world is visually stunning, with sharp details and breathtaking vistas that stretch for miles.
  • Settlement Building: Players can choose to settle in various locations, each offering unique resources and benefits. The game features a realistic building system that incorporates physics, ensuring that structures are architecturally sound. As the game progresses, more cosmetic options will be available to personalize settlements.
  • Crafting and Progression: Pax Dei features an extensive crafting system, where players can level up skills in various professions, such as cooking, leatherworking, and weaponsmithing. Crafting is a time-consuming process, requiring players to gather resources and dedicate effort to improve their skills.
  • Social Interaction: As a social sandbox MMO, Pax Dei encourages players to form clans, establish hierarchies, and collaborate to build settlements and share resources. While solo play is possible, group play is more efficient and rewarding.
  • PvE and PvP: The game world is populated by creatures and AI enemies, providing PvE challenges for players. PvP zones also exist, allowing players to engage in combat with one another. Endgame content includes dungeons with varying levels of difficulty and unique loot.
Pax Dei Combat loot
  • Immersion: Pax Dei offers a high level of immersion, with a dynamic day-night cycle, weather systems, and a persistent world where player actions have lasting consequences. The game does not feature traditional MMO elements such as NPC cities, quest-givers, or vendors, instead focusing on player-driven experiences.

The Pax Dei Closed Alpha

Casual Gamer was invited to participate in the recent closed alpha, and we were impressed. The only issue for us was the crafting and leveling system which is unbalanced, but that may have been because they were part of the testing for the alpha and will be overhauled in the final release.

Check out our thoughts on the Pax Dei alpha below.

Pax Dei Developers

Pax Dei is being developed by Mainframe Industries, a game development studio founded in 2019 with teams in Helsinki and Reykjavik. The studio is dedicated to creating innovative and immersive online games. New Tales, a game publishing company, is co-publishing the game.

Platforms and Release Date

Pax Dei is currently in closed alpha testing, with plans for an Early Access release on Steam in Spring 2024. The game is being developed for PC, but there is no information yet on potential console releases.

Pax Dei promises to be a captivating and immersive medieval social sandbox MMO that offers players the opportunity to shape their own stories, build communities, and explore a vast, visually stunning world. With its focus on crafting, social interaction, and player-driven experiences, we think Pax Dei will be an exciting prospect for MMO enthusiasts and those seeking a unique and engaging gaming experience.

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