Pax Dei Character Creation

In anticipation of the Alpha slated for later this year, Mainframe has released a new video showcasing the early character creation system for its upcoming game, Pax Dei. While it’s early days yet, and with no set release date, the character creation elements certainly seem detailed.

Discover a World of Medieval Legends in Pax Dei

The pax dei character portraits in Game of Thrones.
Pax Dei Character Creation

Inspired by medieval myths and legends, Pax Dei aims to be the most immersive and player-driven fantasy world ever created.

  • Venture Forth Into a Vast Open World. Explore misty forests, towering castles, and forgotten ruins across a sprawling medieval landscape. Just don’t get lost! Dangers and mysteries await around every corner.
  • Choose Your Own Path to Adventure. Will you be a noble knight sworn to protect the weak? A cunning rogue lurking in the shadows? An enchanting druid harnessing the power of nature? In Pax Dei, you decide your character’s role and write your own story.
  • Build Your Clan’s Legacy. Establish a homestead in the relative safety of the Heartlands. Gather resources, attract settlers, and construct mighty fortifications. Manage production chains to equip your clan for glory.
  • Craft Items and Forge Alliances. Master deep crafting systems to produce everything your clan needs, from weapons and armor to buildings, furniture, and more. Form strategic alliances with other players to increase your influence.
  • Venture Into the Wild Unknown. As you push deeper into uncharted wilds, the challenges grow greater, but so do the rewards. Discover rare materials, face legendary beasts, acquire ancient artifacts, and earn the allegiance of mystical factions.
  • Create Player-Driven Content. Pax Dei emphasizes emergent gameplay and player-created content. Players drive the economy, politics, narratives, and more. Every castle, quest, and magical artifact originated from the players themselves.
  • Enjoy Cross-Platform Cloud Play. Pax Dei is built to be “cloud-native,” playable across PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Play on one screen, then pick up right where you left off on another.
  • More Than a Game…A Living World. With thousands of simultaneous players, Pax Dei aims to feel less like a game world and more like a fully realized virtual realm. Immerse yourself in this magical second life.

Pax Dei is currently in closed alpha testing, but public tests are coming later this year. You can sign up here or visit their website:

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