A Twisted Path To Renown | Gameplay, Features & Release Date

If you’re interested in online PvEvP extraction-based MMO’s but also a fan of the aesthetic of the Wild West (think Red Dead Redemption), you should keep A Twisted Path To Renown on your radar.

This hardcore shooter developed by Game Labs will transport players to the heart of the American frontier in 1899. It will combine survival mechanics, intricate crafting, and a player-driven economy to create a captivating gaming experience.

Set in a meticulously recreated historical setting, players will find themselves immersed in a world where decision-making, strategy, crafting, and commerce play crucial roles in their path to renown. In this guide we look at A Twisted Path To Renown’s story, gameplay, features, platforms and anticipated release date for 2024.

A Twisted Path To Renown Story


In A Twisted Path to Renown, players are thrust into the rugged landscape of the United States at the turn of the 20th century. As they navigate through this unforgiving world, they must carve their own path to fame and fortune.

Players will embark on a perilous journey through the untamed American frontier of 1899. As newcomers seeking fortune and glory, they must navigate a world where survival often means resorting to lawlessness and violence.

Faced with the challenges of a harsh and unforgiving landscape, players will hire mercenaries, secure resources, and master the arts of crafting and trade to establish themselves in this ruthless environment.


As they traverse the sprawling post-frontier era, players will encounter rival tycoons and their hired guns, all vying for wealth and power.

In a time when American enterprise knows no bounds, players must adapt to the brutal realities of the world, forging their own path to renown through a combination of grit, determination, and strategic decision-making.

A Twisted Path to Renown Draws Inspiration from Hardcore FPS Classics

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A Twisted Path to Renown, the upcoming hardcore MMO FPS from Game Labs, shares key elements with two popular titles in the genre: Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. These games have become wildly popular with players seeking a challenging, immersive, and tactically-rich experience.

Like Escape from Tarkov, A Twisted Path to Renown focuses on creating a realistic and unforgiving environment where players must navigate PvEvP gameplay, high-stakes combat, and a deep emphasis on looting, crafting, and extraction-based objectives.

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The game’s player-driven economy and focus on survival mechanics also draw parallels to the popular Battlestate Games title.

On the other hand, A Twisted Path to Renown’s historical setting in the American frontier of 1899 shares similarities with Hunt: Showdown’s atmospheric late 19th-century Louisiana bayou. Both games aim to deliver an immersive and tactical experience, where players must navigate treacherous environments and engage in tense, high-stakes encounters.

While each game has its unique features and mechanics, such as Hunt: Showdown’s supernatural elements and permadeath system, they all share a common goal of providing players with a deep, engaging, and challenging FPS experience.

Gameplay and Features

A Twisted Path to Renown offers a rich tapestry of gameplay elements that seamlessly blend to create an unforgettable experience:

A Twisted Path to Renown Gameplay Trailer

Authentic Weaponry

Immerse yourself in the era with a vast arsenal of historically accurate weapons.

From classic revolvers to powerful rifles, each gun features realistic mechanics and handling, adding depth to combat encounters.

Survival Mechanics

In the unforgiving wilderness of 1899 America, survival is key. Players must hunt, gather resources, and craft essential items to sustain themselves and gain an edge over their opponents.


Crafting System

The game boasts an expansive crafting system that allows players to create a wide array of items, from ammunition to clothing and beyond. Master the art of crafting to equip yourself for the challenges ahead.

Advanced AI

Encounter unique and challenging NPC opponents, each with their own distinct behaviors and tactics. The game’s advanced AI system ensures that every encounter is engaging and unpredictable.

Player-Driven Economy


Engage in a thriving player-driven economy where you can trade goods, establish businesses, and forge alliances with other players. Your economic prowess can be just as important as your skill with a gun.

Immersive Soundscape

From the crack of a gunshot to the rustle of leaves beneath your feet, A Twisted Path to Renown will apparently feature an immersive soundscape that draws you deeper into its world.

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A Twisted Path to Renown is the latest creation from Game Labs, an indie game development studio based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Known for their historically rich strategy games like the Ultimate General series and This is my Land, Game Labs brings their passion for historical accuracy and engaging gameplay to this new venture.

A Twisted Path to Renown Platforms and Release Date

A Twisted Path to Renown will be available on Steam in June this year.

The game offers server coverage in North America, Europe, and Oceania, with plans for an Asia server in the future. Check out the official website, Discord, Facebook and X for more information.

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