A Guide to Den of Wolves – Gameplay, Features and Release Date

Announced during the explosive 2023 Game Awards, Den of Wolves brings an ambitious new co-op heist adventure to eager gamers. This cyberpunk thriller combines elements of sci-fi, action, and suspense for what promises to be a riveting multiplayer experience.

Developed by Swedish studio 10 Chambers Collective – the brilliant minds behind the horror co-op hit GTFO – Den of Wolves invites crews to pull off risky jobs in a corrupt futuristic city unlike anything seen before.

The City That Lets You Get Away With Anything

Den of Wolves artwork

Set in the year 2097, Den of Wolves transports players to a mysterious metropolis in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where the only rule is that there are no rules. As long as you contribute to technological progress, this dark city lets you get away with just about anything.

Combining elements of cities like Venice, Hong Kong, and more, this dense urban landscape provides the perfect shadowy playground for criminal activities. Around every corner lies a potential big score ready for the taking – if you can avoid getting caught.

Den of Wolves Gameplay – Diverse Jobs Offer New Challenges

While details remain scarce in these early days, we do know Den of Wolves plans to offer an array of distinct heists to conquer.

Den of Wolves Trailer

Den of Wolves is designed to be a four player co-op game. As 10 Chambers was co-founded by Ulf Andersson – the original designer of Payday 1 and Payday 2 – the game may well end up being Andersson’s creative vision for a Payday 5-ish title.

Like previous successful co-op robbery games such as Payday, expect to handle missions ranging from elaborate bank jobs to armored car assaults and more. With a variety of locations, security measures, escape routes, and planning steps, each job introduces fresh variables to adapt to with your crew. Strategize carefully each time to secure the prize and make a clean getaway.

Den of Wolves Customizable Characters and Gear

Den of Wolves character

To prepare for these dangerous jobs, players choose from a selection of playable characters called “wolves,” each boasting their own special abilities.

You might take on the role of a stealth expert who can hack security systems or go in guns blazing with a heavy weapons specialist. Outfit and customize your wolf with high-tech gear like grappling hooks, holographic disguises, sensor jammers, and other tools straight out of a cyberpunk future.

With the right crew composition and equipment loadouts, you stand a better chance of pulling off these thrilling multiplayer heists.

Unlike 10 Chambers’ previous title GTFO, the studio aims to support Den of Wolves with post-launch DLC and leaves open the possibility of cosmetic microtransactions.

If included, 10 Chambers promises the microtransactions will focus only on cosmetics with gambling or pay to win mechanics. So while players may see optional cosmetic content for purchase, 10 Chambers asserts Den of Wolves will specifically avoid predatory monetization techniques detrimental to gameplay.

The studio strikes a measured tone about post-release monetization for now. But with a bigger, more mainstream experience to support long-term, some degree of DLC and non-disruptive microtransactions appear probable.

Created by Veteran Game Developers

Den of Wolves art with a dark background, evoking an aura of mystery and intrigue.

While most details currently remain under wraps, Den of Wolves comes from capable hands that know how to deliver engrossing co-op experiences.

As mentioned earlier, developers 10 Chambers Collective found immense success with their terrifying 4 player co-op shooter GTFO, earning praise for intense gameplay and haunting atmosphere. Now they’re applying that expertise into a radically different cyber city filled with corruption and advanced technology. If GTFO is any indication, expect brutal challenges that require coordination with real teammates. Den of Wolves appears poised to continue 10 Chambers’ reputation for compelling co-op games.

Den of Wolves Soundtrack

After a hiatus from the genre, acclaimed Payday composer Simon Viklund makes his scoring return for Den of Wolves. Joining Viklund is Metal Gear Rising contributor Jamie Christopherson and percussionist Greg Ellis of Argo and Transformers fame. This high-profile music team assembles to create a driving, slower-tempo soundtrack inspired by the game’s Polynesian-influenced Pacific island setting.

While Den of Wolves comes from Payday developer 10 Chambers, Viklund intends its score to feel heavier than his previous fast-paced electronic work. Christopherson lends his talents perfected on the intense Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance soundtrack, indicating the musical tone strives more for hard-hitting than heist whimsy. Viklund also cites artists like Skum, Varlen, Hveds, Lick, Brandon Black, and Lemay as inspirations for the Den of Wolves vibe.

With Viklund helming as narrative director and composer, Christopherson elevating the dramatic bombast, and Ellis punctuating with exotic rhythmic percussion, this collaboration promises a cool, powerful aural experience.

Den of Wolves Release Date

Eager heisters anxious to dive into Den of Wolves will unfortunately need to keep waiting.

While announced at the major 2023 Game Awards, the developers only revealed the game remains in early development. They plan to launch first on Steam Early Access to continue gathering player feedback for improvements, but have not confirmed an actual release date yet. A console release will be later down the track.

As more details emerge in coming months, the allure of conquering this criminal paradise grows. We may have a long wait ahead, but Den of Wolves already shapes up to be one of 2024’s most promising co-op undertakings.

For more on Den of Wolves and updates from developers 10 Chambers Collective, check their website, YouTube and Twitter feed. As additional gameplay and story points get revealed on the path to launch, this co-op heist experience only gets more exciting.

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