A Guide to HAWKED – Gameplay, Features and Release Date

MY.GAMES has launched its highly anticipated third extraction shooter, HAWKED, into Early Access. This game has already made waves with its teaser during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted liveshow.

The Renegade Rally: Join the Action and Win Prizes

A HAWKED combat scene
HAWKED combat

To celebrate the Early Access launch of HAWKED, MY.GAMES has kickstarted the ‘Renegade Rally’ campaign, enticing players with free in-game content and the opportunity to win special prizes, including a lifetime supply of premium currency.

The World of HAWKED

HAWKED world

HAWKED takes place on a remote island called X-Isle, where teams of up to three players or solo Renegades compete to collect and extract Artifacts.

These valuable items can only be obtained by overcoming obstacles, fighting formidable monsters, outsmarting opponents, and solving puzzles. The first team to successfully extract the Artifacts emerges as the victor. However, even in defeat, players can still extract smaller treasures and collect useful currency to enhance their characters.

HAWKED Gameplay: PvPvE Encounters and Underhanded Tactics

HAWKED gameplay

In this heart-pounding game, players must scavenge guns and ammo to survive intense PvPvE encounters. Utilize the environment to your advantage and employ underhanded tactics to gain the upper hand. Set up ambushes while others are distracted, or lead unsuspecting teams into traps for their demise. No tactic or trick is off-limits when it comes to securing the valuable artifacts that could change the fate of the game.

Character Customization: Create Your Ultimate Treasure Hunter

A group of HAWKERs in fortnite holding weapons.
HAWKED Renegades

HAWKED offers deep character customization, allowing players to create their ultimate treasure hunter. Mix and match various apparel pieces, hairstyles, and colors to visually personalize your character. Artifacts, found on the island, can be equipped to provide passive bonuses, such as the ability to turn into a bush or sense nearby enemies. With 18 types of Artifacts and 16 types of gears, including boomerangs, deployable covers, and scouting falcons, players have an extensive range of customization options and gameplay styles to experiment with.

Ongoing Content, LTE and Seasons

X-Isle is a recently-discovered treasure trove that challenges players with ever-changing gameplay. Each session presents different parts of the island for players to explore and conquer. Uncover its hidden treasures in boobytrapped temples and ruins, solve intricate puzzles to unlock important treasure troves, and defeat formidable enemies like the Disciple Caravan to secure their valuable Artifacts.

MY.GAMES plans to continuously update and evolve X-Isle through regular updates, limited-time events, and seasonal launches, ensuring an immersive and ever-changing gaming experience.

HAWKED Release Date

HAWKED is now available on PC via the MY.GAMES Launcher and Steam, with a console version planned for Early 2024.

For more information check out HAWKED’s website and Steam.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the release date for HAWKED

HAWKED entered Early Access on the 30th November. The full launch is expected to happen in the near future.

On which platforms can I play HAWKED?

Currently, HAWKED is available on PC through the MY.GAMES Launcher and Steam. A console version is planned for Early 2024.

Who is the developer of HAWKED?

HAWKED is developed and published by MY.GAMES, a renowned European gaming company headquartered in Amsterdam. They have experience developing games for various platforms, including mobile, PC, and consoles.

What is the gameplay of HAWKED like?

HAWKED is an exciting extraction shooter that takes place on a remote island called X-Isle. Players, also known as Renegades, can compete individually or in teams of up to three. The objective is to collect and extract valuable Artifacts from the island, while battling monsters, solving puzzles, and avoiding traps. PvPvE encounters are featured, where players scavenge for weapons and ammunition to fight against other players and monsters.

The environment and underhanded tactics can be strategically used to gain an advantage over opponents. Character customization is a key aspect, allowing players to visually personalize their Renegade with various apparel pieces, hairstyles, and colors.

Artifacts, gears, and boosters can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate treasure hunter. X-Isle is a dynamic map with different terrains and challenges, which will evolve over time through updates, limited-time events, and seasonal launches.

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