A Guide to Turbo Overkill – Story, Gameplay & Features

In the vast gaming landscape, there are titles that push the boundaries of creativity and showcase the passion and dedication of their creators. Turbo Overkill is one such game — a retro shooter developed by incredibly talented Sam Prebble. With a cyberpunk theme, a plethora of weapons and vehicles, and a fusion of various gameplay mechanics, Turbo Overkill may just be the game you’re looking for.

Play as a Half-Metal Bounty Hunter

A man confidently wields a gun in Turbo Overkill

A fresh take on classic first-person shooter games like DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D, Turbo Overkill is a cyberpunk-inspired FPS featuring intense action, gripping combat, and a dystopian sci-fi setting. Developed by Trigger Happy Interactive, this savage shooter places you in the shoes of Johnny Turbo, a half-human, half-machine bounty hunter out to take down an evil AI.

Johnny Turbo Returns Home to a Town Possessed by a Rogue AI

In the gritty, Blade Runner-esque city of Paradise, Johnny discovers that an AI named Syn has taken over and corrupted the entire population, turning citizens into an army of dangerous minions. Desperate for cash, Johnny takes on the seemingly impossible mission of destroying Syn once and for all. But rival bounty hunters also aim to take out the AI and claim the prize, making Johnny’s job even harder.

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Frenetic Gameplay: Grappling Hooks, Rocket Arms, and More

Turbo Overkill incorporates over-the-top mechanics like no FPS before it. You can activate a unique slow motion ability called Turbo Time to strategically take down enemies. Traverse levels using wall runs, dashes, and a handy grappling hook. Slice into foes while sliding on Johnny’s retractable leg chainsaw to deal critical damage. Even hijack flying cars, surfing along their hoods while blasting away.


Johnny packs plenty of firepower too. Wield explosive weapons like twin magnums with auto lock-on abilities, a grenade-launching shotgun, and a sniper rifle that teleports targets before blowing them up internally. Combine these armaments with Johnny’s augmentations for advanced combat tactics.

Take Down the Corrupted AI to Unlock New Abilities and Upgrades

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Defeating bosses in Turbo Overkill lets you acquire their unique augmentations, slowly turning yourself into an even deadlier machine.

Use your earnings to purchase talent tree upgrades, install more powerful augments, and deck out your weapons with special mods.

Enable intense mutators like triple monster speed and instant death for an extreme challenge. With expanded movesets and capabilities, you can devise creative ways to demolish Syn’s army.

A Dream Project for FPS Veterans

An angry teddy in Turbo Overkill

Makers Trigger Happy Interactive consists of FPS veterans passionate about recapturing the magic of genre classics. As co-founder Sam Prebble explains, “Turbo Overkill is the game we’ve always wanted to play…If you love Quake III Arena, classic and modern DOOM, or Apogee’s legendary shooters, you’ll feel right at home.”

Industry pioneer Scott Miller echoes Prebble’s excitement: “As the guy who helped launch the shooter genre with Wolfenstein 3D and more, I haven’t been this excited about an FPS since the golden era…Playing Turbo Overkill made me a Turbo Lover all over again.”

Turbo Overkill Release Date and Platforms

Turbo Overkill scene

The game was released on the 12th August 2023, and is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

For more info, check out Turbo Overkill on Steam or on the EPIC games store, visit the official website and follow the game on Twitter.

As players delve into this neon-drenched metropolis, they are transported to a world where chaos reigns, cybernetic augmentation prevails, and every battle is a feast for the senses. With its cyberpunk theme, a wide range of weapons and vehicles, and the fusion of classic shooter elements with modern innovations, Turbo Overkill offers a truly unique and exhilarating gaming experience.

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