Unlocking All the Playable Characters in Death Must Die

Death Must Die is an intense rogue-like survivors game featuring punishing enemies and outstanding mechanics. As you fight to stay alive and progress further on each run, you’ll unlock access to new playable characters, each with their own unique weapons, heath and speed. Here’s how to unlock all seven playable characters available in Death Must Die.

Starting Out With Avolon

When you first load up Death Must Die, only one character is available: Avolon, a balanced fighter wielding a longsword and shield. Mastering Avolon is key before taking on the added challenge of the other unlockable characters. Only once you’ve completed a run with Avolon will the next character unlock.

(Note – You do not need to beat the final boss to “complete” a run, just play and survive for a few minutes.)

Unlock Merris, Nixi, Kront, and Skadi

A screenshot of a screen displaying master offerings available for unlocking in the game Death Must Die.

After finishing a few runs with Avolon, the sorceress Merris will be available for your next attempt. Complete runs with Merris to add assassin Nixi to the selection screen. Finish runs with Nixi to unlock Kront, a dual-axe wielding orc berserker. And clearing runs with Kront will finally unlock Skadi, the highlander.

Finishing the Game Unlocks Reaper

The first “secret” unlockable character is Reaper, a fast scythe wielder that requires completing Death Must Die from start to finish. Only by overcoming the final boss and truly beating the game’s punishing difficulty will this deadly character be added to your options. If you need help beating the final boss, try increasing your Power scale under Gameplay Settings.

100% Completion Unlocks Valkyrie

To unlock the last character, Valkyrie, you must achieve 100% completion on Death Must Die. This means not only finishing the game, but completing all optional challenges and collecting every single unlockable achievement. Only with absolute mastery and completion will Valkyrie, an angelic warrior bearing god-like powers, lend her skills to your side.

Stay determined, continue improving through each run, and eventually you’ll add all seven deadly warriors to your roster in Death Must Die!

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