Enshrouded Metal Scraps: A Quick Guide To Farming

I’ve been playing Enshrouded for a few days and realized the sheer number of times I’ve looked up where to find certain resources to farm in the game. I’ll be creating quick guides for a range of resources and items in Enshrouded to save time and effort.

In the world of Enshrouded – a survival game that has amassed over a million players just four days after the triumphant release of Palworld – metal scraps play a pivotal role in crafting essential tools and gear.

What Are Enshrouded Metal Scraps Used For?

A screenshot of a video game interface showing the crafting requirements for a

Enshrouded metal scraps serve as the fundamental ingredient for creating metal tools and metal sheets, two indispensable components in the game’s crafting system.

These versatile resources are used in a wide array of early-game recipes, such as the Scrappy Axe, which allows players to cut down trees and shrubs more efficiently. Metal scraps are also vital for upgrading tools from their basic stone variants to more durable and effective metal counterparts. As players advance through the game, securing a steady supply of metal scraps becomes increasingly important.

Where to Find Enshrouded Metal Scraps

A player character in a video game is next to a search point in a rustic, wooden structure with a scenic backdrop of mountains and fog, enshrouded by metal scraps.
Braelyn Bridge metal scraps

One of the primary sources is by defeating Scavenger enemies, tough enemies that roam the game’s treacherous landscapes.

Metal scraps can also be found scattered in random locations throughout the world, rewarding players who explore every nook and cranny – and break every crate and barrel.

Don’t think twice about going into a room (especially in the Ancient Spires) and destroying everything that’s not nailed down, like a 90s rock star in a hotel room on a bender.

Another reliable method for acquiring metal scraps is by dismantling metal objects. Pods in Cinder vault and other vaults, as well as vases in shrines and towers, can be destroyed to yield precious metal scraps. Keep an eye out for these destructible objects as you traverse the game’s diverse environments.

Farming Enshrouded Metal Scraps: Strategies and Locations

In-game screenshot showing a 'collect items' interface with wood logs and metal scraps as materials against a backdrop of an enshrouded wooden structure and natural scenery.
Searching for metal scraps

To ensure a consistent supply of metal scraps, players should have effective farming strategies.

Scavenger camps emerge as prime locations for farming these valuable resources. However, it is important to note that the respawn rate of destructible objects within these camps remains unclear, so players should plan their farming routes accordingly.

Two notable Scavenger camps that players can easily access are the Abandoned Mineshaft camp and the Rookmore settlement. By utilizing a grappling hook and glider, players can swiftly navigate to these locations and maximize their metal scrap farming efficiency.

A screenshot of a video game map enshrouded in mystery, highlighting various points of interest with icons, including a labelled scavenger stash.
Enshrouded Scavenger camp location

When farming metal scraps, players should prioritize areas with a high concentration of destructible objects, such as pods and vases. Systematically clearing these objects while keeping an eye out for respawning resources will optimize the farming process. Additionally, engaging in combat with Scavenger enemies along the way can further bolster metal scrap yields.

As you embark on your journey through Enshrouded, remember to prioritize metal scrap farming, especially in the early stages of the game. With a well-planned farming strategy and a keen eye for opportunity, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges that lie ahead and emerge victorious in this fun survival experience.

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