Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – What You Need To Know

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the highly anticipated sequel to 2020’s FinalL Fantasy VII Remake.

Set to launch on February 29, 2024, Square Enix has provided a sneak peek at what fans can expect from the next chapter in the remake of the classic 1997 PS1 game.

Relive the Final Fantasy Story So Far

Before diving into the new regions and features of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix has created a recap video for Final Fantasy VII Remake covers all the major story beats and events from the first game to get players up to speed before the next chapter.

Checkout the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – The story so far video below.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – The story so far

Explore New Regions and Environments

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
Kalm in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will take players to new parts of the world not seen in the first game.

Two of the new regions highlighted include the quaint hometown of Cloud and Tifa, Kalm, and the dangerous Mythril Mine dungeon.

Each area features distinct environments to explore and secrets to uncover.

Kalm is a halcyon hamlet may lack its own reactor, but it thrives thanks to a steady supply of mako piped in from the metropolis of Midgar. With a sturdy stone wall and a clock tower offering a stunning view of Midgar, Kalm is a charming and safe haven.

A stunning screenshot of a cave adorned with mesmerizing blue lights and majestic stalactites, reminiscent of the immersive world found in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
Mythril Mine

Mythril Mine was once a bustling mine that connected the grasslands with Junon, the Mythril Mine fell into disuse after the discovery of a superior mineral by Shinra. Now, monsters inhabit the tunnels that were once home to hardworking miners.

Meet the New Faces Joining Your Party

In addition to familiar faces like Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces several new characters joining your party. These include Broden, Rhonda, Priscilla, Billy, and Chloe.


A man in a suit and tie, reminiscent of the characters from Final Fantasy VII, is standing in a room.

Owner and operator of the Inn at Kalm, Broden holds a grudge against Shinra and offers his help to Cloud and his friends. He appears gaunt, possibly due to an unknown illness.


A woman wearing a pink scarf in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, a video game sequel.

As the mayor and sheriff of Under Junon, Rhonda presides over a once-prosperous fishing village that declined after Shinra’s military fortress and mako reactor were constructed. Despite Cloud and his friends being labeled as terrorists, Rhonda allows them to pass through her town.


A girl in a yellow shirt is waving at the water, completely unaware of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth happening around her.

A cheerful young girl living in Under Junon, Priscilla spends her time swimming with the dolphin she trains. However, the offshore mako reactor has contaminated the surrounding waters, causing concern for her dolphin friend’s safety.


In the world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, a man in a hat is striking a pose with a yellow bird.

As the grandson of Bill, owner of a chocobo ranch in the grasslands, Billy offers to teach Cloud and company the ropes of chocobo wrangling. Raised by their grandfather after losing their parents, Billy and his sister have developed a deep bond.


A girl in a red dress is standing in a field, creating a picturesque scene reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Billy’s younger sister, Chloe runs a shop on the ranch where she sells crafting materials and other curios. Grateful for Cloud and company’s patronage, she is worried about her brother’s focus on making money.

Expanding Final Fantasy VII Combat Abilities

A screenshot of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with two characters fighting in the desert.

Combat in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers exciting new possibilities, and two characters who showcase unique abilities are Red XIII and Aerith. Let’s take a closer look at their combat prowess:


  • Basic Attacks: Red XIII slashes at foes with sharp claws, and holding down the button triggers a wide-range attack that quickly builds up the ATB gauge.
  • Abilities: From lightning-fast physical strikes to ranged magical attacks, Red XIII possesses a vast array of skills. Stardust Ray conjures an exploding orb of light that scorches enemies caught in its blast.
  • Vengeance Mode (Unique Ability): Block incoming attacks to fill the vengeance gauge and unleash a boost in physical attacks and evasive prowess. Siphon Fang delivers a powerful blow while absorbing some of the enemy’s HP, all without expending ATB.


  • Ward Shift (Unique Ability): Utilizing sigils she has created, Aerith can instantly warp to any location on the battlefield. This allows her to move with ease and maximize the impact of her powerful magic.

Synergy Abilities and Skills

To turn the tide of battle, characters can team up and unleash powerful synergy abilities. The more you increase your party level and deepen the affinity between your characters, the more abilities will unlock. Here are a few examples:

  • Cloud/Tifa: Relentless Rush – Cloud launches Tifa toward an enemy to deliver a tandem attack.
  • Barret/Red XIII: Overfang – Barret sends Red XIII flying toward an enemy at high velocity.
  • Cloud/Aerith: Spell Blade – Gathering strength, the duo unleashes a charged magical attack.

Additionally, characters can activate synergy skills without consuming ATB, providing various beneficial effects. Here are a couple of examples:

Final Fantasy XIV screenshot featuring elements of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
  • Cloud/Aerith: Spell Blade – Gather strength, then team up to unleash a charged magical attack.
  • Barret/Cloud: Mad Dash – Team up to charge forward while guarding against incoming attacks, triggering a three-hit combo.

Unleashing the Power of Summons

A mesmerizing screenshot of a majestic monster roaming the vast desert in the acclaimed game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Setting summoning materia grants access to the power of the gods, allowing you to command them to fight enemies automatically or use their special abilities. When a summon departs the battlefield, it unleashes a devastating final attack. Let’s take a closer look at one summon:

  • Kujata: A bovine deity wielding the power of fire, ice, and lightning, Kujata charges around the battlefield with its fiery horns. It throws foes and launches magical attacks targeting enemy weaknesses. Tri-Disaster, Kujata’s final attack, strikes multiple foes with a wide-range attack imbued with the powers of fire, ice, and lightning.

The use of Summon materia to call powerful beasts to your aid returns in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. One of the new summons revealed is Kujata, an electric spirit that unleashes piercing thunder attacks on all enemies.

Expansive World Full of Places to Explore and Discover

A captivating screenshot capturing a visually stunning item from the game Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Similar to the first game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promises a massive world teeming with areas to explore. Along with cities and dungeons, there are vast outdoor environments filled with hidden items, collectibles, monsters to battle, and secrets to uncover. Players can also seek out ancient protorelics left behind by an extinct civilization.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, there are opportunities to deepen your understanding of the world and develop materia.

As you explore various regions, you’ll uncover new areas rich with treasures and natural wonders, contributing to your data points. These data points can be spent to develop useful new materia, such as multi-affinity spells or unique abilities, both of which are sure to be useful against formidable foes.

Customize Your Chocobos at Chocoboutiques

An image of a chicken in a barn, reminiscent of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Chocobo ranches provide more than just chocobos; they are also home to chocoboutiques At these stalls, you can freely customize and recolor your chocobo’s equipment, which will impact its performance in chocobo races.

Tailor the Combat to Your Playstyle

A stunning image of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth logo, featuring a captivating sword on a dark screen.

To cater to players of all preferences, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers multiple combat styles and difficulty levels. Whether you prefer full control over every move or a more streamlined experience, the game has you covered. Here are a few options:

  • Active Mode: Total control over your characters’ every move, allowing for advanced strategies.
  • Classic Mode: Automates characters’ basic actions, giving you time to focus on specific command selection.
  • Easy Difficulty: Focus on the story rather than challenging battles.
  • Normal Difficulty: Provides a reasonable challenge for most players.
  • Dynamic Difficulty: Enemies grow stronger alongside your characters, providing a constant challenge for those seeking it.

Preorder for Exclusive Bonuses

Final Fantasy VIII limited edition PS4 with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
Final Fantasy VII Preorder

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available for preorder now in Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Deluxe Edition physical formats. Preorders grant early access to an exclusive Chocobo Chick Summon materia and Midgar Bangle accessory.

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a digital artbook, mini soundtrack, and in-game items like a Shinra keycard, corneo’s armlet, and mako crystals. The Physical Deluxe Edition also includes SteelBook case, Shinra keycard case, and vinyl soundtrack.

Save data from Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Intermission and Intergrade expansions unlocks additional bonus items and abilities in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth like the Hardy Daytona accessory, gil, and mastered magic materia orbs.

With massive new environments, strategic real-time combat, deep customization, and an epic story picking up after the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is shaping up to be one of 2024’s most anticipated titles.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Frequently Asked Questions

When is the release date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled to launch on February 29, 2024.

What platforms will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth be available on?

The game will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive at launch.

Will I need to have played Final Fantasy VII Remake to understand Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Yes, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly continues the story from the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake, so playing the first game is highly recommended to fully understand the story and characters.

Will Final Fantasy VII have a PC version?

A PC version has not been announced. Final Fantasy VII Remake eventually came to PC years after initial PlayStation 4 launch, so a PC port is possible later on.

Can I transfer my save data from Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Yes, save data from Final Fantasy VII Remake and its additional content will unlock bonuses in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

What editions of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are available to preorder?

There is a Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Physical Deluxe Edition available to preorder. Each come with their own unique bonus items.

Will Part 2 cover the full story?

It is unknown currently how many parts the Final Fantasy VII Remake project will span. But it has been confirmed Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will not cover the entire original game’s story.

Is this a sequel or a remake?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues the remake project reimagining the 1997 PS1 game. But it incorporates new story elements and is not a 1:1 recreation of the original game.

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