Speedrunning for Medals: A Helldivers 2 Farming Guide

In the action-packed world of Helldivers 2, few resources are as precious as Medals. These shiny tokens are the key to unlocking new weapons, armour and boosters through the game’s Warbonds system.

However, with so many deadly enemies standing between you and your prizes, earning enough Medals can be a grueling challenge.

We’ve got some tricks and tips for making Medals in record time.

Option 1: Ignore Everything Except the Main Objective

The key to efficient Medal farming in Helldivers 2 is to blast through missions as quickly as possible while ignoring secondary objectives.

There are two main ways to score Medals in Helldivers 2, the first is through mission completion because blasting through the shorter mission types gives guaranteed medals.

A screenshot of a map in Helldivers 2.
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As soon as you drop onto the planet, make a beeline for whatever the main goal is, whether it’s destroying important targets, securing valuable resources, or eliminating high-priority enemies.

Leave no bug or cyborg standing, but don’t waste time exploring the map or taking on optional targets along the way. After completing the bare minimum, get to extraction.

Option 2: Explore Maps and Find Medals

Another option, and my personal preference, is to explore the maps on every mission. Complete every side objective and cash out big through medals, super credits and samples.

While for exclusively medal farming the first option proves a faster and more efficient method, going through and exploring every part of every map will reward you with every type of currency, more experience and more requisition points.

Helldivers 2 Co-op experience, showcasing the points of interest.
Image credit: Casual Gamer

Team Up with Like-Minded Farmers

Regardless of your method for farming, bring along a full squad of friends who share your goal of delivering democracy.

Coordinate loadouts to maximize firepower and mobility, and make sure everyone is on the same page about secondary targets. With four farmers working in sync towards the same speedrun objective, you’ll be racking up the Medals and laughing all the way to the Warbond bank.

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