Journey Across Floating Islands in the Vibrant Platformer Dream of the Star Haven

Indie developer Orchid of Redemption has brought a breath of fresh air to the gaming world with their new upcoming title Dream of the Star Haven. This PC platformer invites players to journey across floating islands in the clouds, emphasizing relaxation, exploration, and minimalistic gameplay. After months of playing what we’d call ‘hectic’ games – aka MW3 and Death Must Die – we’re pretty keen to try something a little more relaxing.

As an Early Access game on Steam, Dream of the Star Haven offers gamers a chance to influence development and be part of a co-creative community. Orchid aims to provide a peaceful, magical playground that respects the player’s time. This celestial adventure serves as a soothing “palette cleanser” from more demanding games. Let’s look at what we know so far about this intriguing title.

A Peaceful Journey Through the Stars

A green field with trees and flowers, evoking the dream-like serenity of the Dream of the star haven.

Dream of the Star Haven transports players to a colorful celestial realm dotted with islands suspended in the skies. Remnants and hidden fragments hint at the history of a long lost celestial era. As you journey through the dreamy landscape, you uncover the mystery of what happened in this now abandoned paradise.

With triple-leap abilities, you hop across fragments of islands, navigating gravity-centric puzzles. Your magical scanner reveals pathways forward, but also 100 hidden Starbursts to discover through peaceful exploration. Take a break from quests and high scores and relax into pure gameplay as you platform across the clouds.

Dream of The Star Haven Provides Soothing and Minimalist Gameplay

A dreamy  image of a small island in the sky in Dream of the Star Haven

True to Orchid’s vision, Dream of the Star Haven offers clear and flowing gameplay focused on the essence of fun. Players run and jump through levels with simple, responsive controls. The emphasis is on relaxation and mystery rather than combat or tension.

With elements of light puzzling and navigation, the game provides a gentle challenge. As you find celestial fragments and uncover the story, your triple jumps, float ability, and trusty scanner get you through. Locate maps and keys to unlock new areas in this open-world collection of sky islands.

Dream of the Star Haven Trailer

As an Early Access game, more content like episodic story chapters will be added throughout development. But the core of wandering through ruins, discovering keys, enjoying clever puzzles, and platforming across the heavens creates a complete experience even at this stage.

A Playground That Respects You

Dream of the Star Haven comes from Orchid of Redemption, a micropublisher focused on minimalism in gameplay. They aim to build playgrounds that respect the player’s time and peace of mind.

Offering the game on Early Access allows Orchid to work closely with players to refine and enhance this world. The development team wants to focus on the essence that makes the game fun rather than scope or complexity. Their vision is a flowing, relaxed adventure bursting with magic and mystery.

Dream of the Star Haven Early Access

Dream of the Star Haven will be available on Steam Early Access on January 25 on Steam for free. The Early Access period will last around 9 months, with the full release of the game to be expected later this year.

From what we’ve seen so far, Dream of the Star Haven offers experienced gamers a chance to influence a game that avoids the chaos and tension of mainstream titles. With clever puzzles, exciting exploration, and imaginative environments, it provides a peaceful journey that respects your time. We’ll definitely be adding this charming celestial-themed platformer to our Steam wishlist. For more information, check out the game on X.

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