New Warframe Gauss Released This Week

Digital Extremes has announced the release of their 41st Warframe, Gauss, along with a whole bunch of exciting features in the Saint of Altra update for PC coming this week.

Gauss Warframe
Gauss’s Supercharged Speed

Abilities Of The Gauss Warframe

The latest in the Warframe lineup – actually the 41st – will give players an unmatched experience with speed at its center. The Abilities of the Gauss are focused on his speed gauge, which can be filled via kinetic movement, and will allow players to harness the power of various skills. These include:

  • A Mach Rush Ability: Mach Rush gives players access to a hyper-sprint which works across land and water. It can also knock enemies down, and hitting solid things such as walls will create a shockwave for extra fun in battle.
  • A Kinetic Plating Ability: This provides players with armor plating that will absorb and convert some Kinetic Damage to Energy, and prevent being knocked over or staggered by enemies.
  • A Thermal Sunder Ability: This Ability will charge the player’s battery and inflict Cold Status on anyone in the vicinity.
  • A Redline Ability: If the player goes into overdrive with their battery (the redline) this will supercharge their Abilities.
  • A Passive Ability: If Gauss is in motion all of the time, this will generate an electrical current that will charge the Speed Gauge. This means that the player’s shields will recharge around 80% faster, and decreases the recharge delay of up to 80%.
Gauss Warframe

How Can Gauss Be Constructed?

The Gauss Warframe can be constructed two ways:

  • Get it from parts that are required in game
  • Buy in from the Marketplace
Gauss Warframe

New Warframe Disruption Nodes

As part of the update, Warframe has expanded its Disruption Mode, with new nodes appearing in a range of unexpected places across the Origin system including:

  • Grineer Settlement – Mars, Olympus
  • Corpus Outpost – Neptune, Laomedeia
  • Grineer Galleon – Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer)
  • Grineer Galleon – Uranus, Ur (Infested)
  • Grineer Kuva Fortress – Kuva Fortress, Tamu
  • Lua – Lua, Apollo (Corpus)

There are many new missions available such as Void Fissures and Sorties.

Gauss Warframe

New Skins, Look Link & Mod Link

As well as new Disruption nodes and Gauss, the update also brings a host of new features, skins and aesthetics that’ll please everyone. These include:

  • The new Harrow Deluxe Collection which will give players a new Deluxe Skin, a matching Armor Set and Weapon Deluxe Skin for Spearguns. This will be available from the Marketplace.
  • Look Link and Mod Link are all new chat features. Players can now generate a link to their Warframe design or Mod loadout that can be posted to chat or shared with other players.
  • A brand new emote – Shawzin Hero Emote – that turns players into a bard, complete with ‘guitar-like’ instrument.
  • New Infested Decoration Set for your clan Dojo.
  • Expanded Riven Mods – players’ collection of Riven Mods has been increased from 90 to 120.

Get the new update for Warframe on PC now, with console versions to be released in the coming month.

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