A Guide to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 27.2 Update – New Market, Throwables and More

The latest PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS update introduces an interesting new in-game economy to the Rondo map, allowing players to earn and spend a new currency at three unique market locations. In this guide we look at all the details about the new Rondo Exclusive Market and other major additions coming with the 27.2 update.

New In-Game Currency Opens Rondo Exclusive Market

The New Market in PUBG.

At the heart of the 27.2 update is the Rondo Exclusive Market, where players can now use a new form of currency called BR Coins to purchase specialty items. BR Coins can be earned through various in-game activities across the Rondo map or by selling unwanted gear at Market Shops.

A detailed screenshot of the location of markets in PUBG.

The Rondo Market features shops across three grades, with higher grades offering more exclusive items. All markets also come with an associated garage housing the new Pillar UAZ vehicle, providing heavy-duty protection and firepower.

New PUBG Throwables and Battle Items Available

A screenshot of a PUBG game with a stack of coins on the floor.

Alongside introducing BR Coins and the Exclusive Market, the update brings two new gear items which can only be purchased with the new currency. The versatile Emergency Cover Flare explodes to create a tall barricade when thrown, while Battle Ready Kits provide on-demand boosts to health and armor.

Pillar Guards and Safes Add New Challenges

PUBG safe and a gold bar

Protecting the highest-grade Markets are formidable new Pillar Guards, difficult NPC enemies which drop precious Gold Bars when defeated.

Pillar Guards in PUBG

Players will also find mysterious locked Safes while exploring Rondo, requiring decoding skills or firepower to breach them for bonus rewards.

Complete New In-Game Challenges

A screenshot of the new missions in PUBG.

Across Rondo, players can now take on various new challenges which offer BR Coin and item rewards. With five levels of difficulty, these challenges range from locating supply trucks to defeating opponents in designated areas. Completing these quick missions is key to earning enough BR Coins for purchases.

New EMP Zone Alters Rondo Gameplay

A picture of the EMP Zone with a scope, in PUBG.

The update also introduces a unique new EMP Zone to Rondo which disables electronic devices, changing battlefield dynamics when the circle closes around it. Players caught inside will find their optics disabled and lose their ability to sprint or use weapon recoil stabilization.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Spawn System and Other Adjustments

Alongside the sweeping economy and content additions, the 27.2 update also tweaks Rondo’s spawn system to provide fairer initial positioning and adjusts item spawn logic. The patch notes also detail optimization improvements and the usual array of gameplay balances and bug fixes.

Update 27.2 Live Now

The Rondo Exclusive Market update aims to provide more exciting rewards which simultaneously enhance gameplay variety and challenge. Players can experience these transformative new systems and items across PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ unique Rondo map right now on PC and consoles. For more information visit the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Official website, X, Instagram or Facebook.

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