Breathe Life into the Headless Wonder of Airhead

Airhead offers a fresh take on the puzzle-platformer genre with its innovative detachable head mechanic wrapped in an immersive world filled with mystery. Released on February 12, 2024 by HandyGames, this new Metroidvania game weaves compelling gameplay with a unique storytelling experience.

A Post-Apocalyptic Buddy Adventure

In Airhead, players control a headless being named Body who discovers a sentient, detachable head dubbed Head in an underground cave system. With Head slowly running out of air, Body must embark on an expansive journey through the post-apocalyptic land above while constantly refilling Head’s air supply to keep it alive.

This seemingly mismatched pair will band together, supporting each other as they explore diverse locales ranging from abandoned factories to creature-filled jungles. Throughout their adventure, the origins of this unusual world devoid of humans will be slowly uncovered in a deeply personal tale of companionship against all odds.

Challenging Puzzles Utilizing A Novel Mechanic

Airhead’s signature gameplay centers around the constant interplay between the mind that is Head and the legs that are Body. Players must utilize both characters in tandem to solve environmental puzzles and platforming challenges.

Head can scout ahead, spotting secrets and managing air flow to unreachable areas. Meanwhile, Body provides mobility while protecting the vulnerable Head on its shoulders. This core mechanic leads to deeply satisfying Eureka! moments when navigating the game’s most complex puzzles.

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The world itself also reacts dynamically to the detachable Head, with machines whirring to life and long dormant areas activating when connected. Meticulous play is rewarded with powerful upgrades like high jump boots, providing access to previously unreachable segments of the decaying world.

An Atmospheric, Emotive Experience

Through its hand-drawn visuals and moody environments, Airhead delivers a poignant narrative without a single word spoken. As the two heroes traverse vibrant jungles and haunting post-human cities, environmental clues hint at an extinction event that wiped out humanity while leaving many questions unanswered.

The slowly building bond between Body and Head serves as the emotional core that anchors exploration filled with equal parts beauty and danger. From uncovering fragments of the past to escaping terrifying machines, a compelling experience emerges through Airhead’s fusion of inventive gameplay with a captivating personal journey.

A cartoon image of a cave with people in it, bringing a breath of life into the surroundings.

For those seeking a break from traditional platforming fare, Airhead’s fresh take provides a world begging to be discovered when it launches on consoles and PC for $19.99. An innovative concept built on challenging gameplay and heartfelt storytelling, Airhead breathes new life into the adventure genre.

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