Apex Legends Finally Unleashes Cross Progression – What You Need To Know

Respawn Entertainment has officially announced the long-awaited cross progression feature for Apex Legends. With the launch of Apex Legends: Ignite, players can now merge their inventories, cosmetics, and progress across platforms.

This update brings unified progression to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo Switch.

Cross Progression Rollout and Account Merging

Finally, a woman stands on a cliff overlooking a city as Apex Legends unleashes cross progression, bringing exciting news that players need to know.

Cross progression will gradually roll out to ensure stability. Players will get an in-game prompt to initiate migration of their content and stats, tied to their EA account. However, any secondary Apex accounts created after October 26th won’t be eligible for merging.

Unlocked legends, inventory, and most cosmetics will carry over across linked platforms. The exceptions are platform-exclusive items like PlayStation Plus packs, Xbox founder’s items, and the Switch-exclusive P.A.T.H. skin. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold exclusives remain locked to their original platforms.

What Happens to Your Apex Stats, Rank, and Currency?

Apex Legends cross progression is mandatory. Only the stats and rank of your primary platform are kept after merging. If you have the same level across multiple platforms, the primary becomes wherever you last logged in.

Apex Coins wallet combines for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. But Switch coins stay separate and work only on Nintendo. Non-exclusive purchases on Switch are shared across platforms.

Exclusive Content Stays Exclusive…For Now

Most cosmetics and unlocked legends work across all linked platforms after merging. However, platform exclusives like the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold packs stay locked. So if you earned a cool PlayStation-only skin, you can only use it when playing on PlayStation.

What This Means For Apex Legends Players

Cross progression removes a major pain point, letting you seamlessly switch between platforms without losing progress or purchases. It also makes playing on the go with Switch more rewarding. We hope to see platform-exclusive content opened up more in the future.

Apex Cross Progression Platform-Exclusive Items

Respawn have said that unlocked Legends and inventory will remain the same across all platforms except for platform exclusives.

PlatformExclusive Items
PlayStationPS+ Pack Items
XboxXbox Founders Edition, Xbox Gold Items
NintendoP.A.T.H. Legendary Skin

Apex Cross Progression Content and Currency FAQs

What happens to Apex Coins from different platforms?Apex Coins acquired on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation will be merged into one wallet. However, Apex Coins on Nintendo Switch will remain separate and can only be spent on that platform.
Will non-exclusive content be shared across platforms?Non-exclusive content purchased on the Nintendo Switch is shared with all platforms.
Are all cosmetics and unlocked Legends available on all platforms?Most content, including unlocked Legends and cosmetics, is available on all platforms. However, certain content, like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold exclusives, will remain locked to their respective platforms.

Apex General Cross Progression FAQs

Is Cross Progression mandatory for all players?Yes, Cross Progression is mandatory for all Apex Legends players.
What stats and progress will be retained?Only the stats and progress of the player’s primary platform will be retained.
What happens if multiple platforms have the same highest level?The primary platform will be the one where the player last logged in.

For now, merge your accounts and take your Apex Legends profile anywhere. With new events and updates like Conduit and Storm Point changes launching alongside cross progression, it’s a great time to drop in. Find out more about the Apex Legends cross progression here.

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