Ascendant Infinity Is An Adaption Shooter Set in a Retro Sci-Fi World

Cambridge-based gaming studio PlayFusion has announced their latest title – Ascendant Infinity, described as the world’s first adaption shooter. This squad-based PVP game promises dynamic battles and deep customization options, all set in a vibrant ’80s-inspired sci-fi world.

Chaotic Battles in a Retro-Futuristic Setting

Ascendant Infinity combat

In Ascendant Infinity, players enter a chaotic world filled with exotic flora and fauna, along with thawed-out hardware-packing survivors. The environment shifts during battle, leading to unpredictable play.

Up to four teams of three compete to extract precious resources from this volatile alien landscape. To succeed, players must adapt their strategies and hero loadouts to counter their rivals and overcome the planet itself.

Bring Your Squad and Take Aim

An Ascendant Infinity monster

As an adaption shooter, Ascendant Infinity requires careful preparation and coordination. Players can form a squad with friends or enter matchmaking to join forces with allies.

Each member will take on a unique combat role based on their weapon, gear, and special abilities. Thousands of customization options ensure every hero plays differently on the battlefield.

The game also introduces a persistent social lobby for players to interact, plan tactics, and participate in mini-games before heading into the fray.

Over the past 4 years, our passionate team have worked tirelessly to bring our vision for Ascendant Infinity to reality, we have so much exciting stuff lined up for our players that it will blow their minds

We wanted to create a fresh, new premium PC action game that we want to play, leveraging the very best from the games that we have created in the past whilst leveraging a new game engine, Unreal 5.3, new game mechanics, to create a spiritual successor to some of the leading shooters with a strong focus on competitive integrity, deep character and weapon customisation, and to bring lots of fun to a typically serious genre. This is the tip of the iceberg, stay tuned for lots of super cool updates.

Mark Gerhard, Founder and CEO of PlayFusion

Ascendant Infinity Features

Ascendant Infinity, a tree on top of a hill in a video game.

Features of the game include:

Squad Combat – Team up with two other players and battle against rival squads in intense 3v3 matches. Coordinate to grab precious loot before the shifting map leaves you stranded.

Adapt or Die – An ever-changing battlefield keeps the action fresh every match. Random events, evolving terrain, and enemies that learn your tactics means no two fights feel the same.

Personalized Mayhem – Thousands of cosmetics and gear let you craft a unique sci-fi warrior. Deck out your armor with neon paint jobs straight from the ’80s. Attach explosives to your sniper rifle for chaotic results. The choice is yours.

Persistent Social Lobby – Catch your breath between firefights in the lobby where players hang out and connect. Check the leaderboards, take on speed challenges, make new allies – the possibilities are wide open before battle begins.

A Blast from the Past: Retro Sci-Fi in the 80s Style

A group of people standing in front of a neon sign, showcasing ascendant infinity

The world of Ascendant Infinity draws heavily from retro sci-fi and 80s aesthetics, with the environments giving Apex, Fortnite and Titanfall vibes. Think neon hues, angular armor, awesome hair and analog tech as a fresh backdrop, blending modern graphics with charming vintage flair.

As a 3v3 PVP shooter, combat promises to be frenetic and strategic in equal measure. The adaption mechanics guarantee no two battles ever play out the same way.

The Ascendant Infinity trailer certainly leans into the 80s theme, check it out below.

Ascendant trailer

Ascendant Infinity Beta Access

Ascendant Infinity is slated to launch on PC. Players can now add the game to their Wishlist on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Registering interest also grants eligibility for the upcoming closed beta test. This offers the first hands-on chance to experience the unpredictable world and action before release. For more information, visit the game’s website.

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