Blast into Fast-Paced Mining Action with BORE BLASTERS

Set your drills to maximum power and prepare for intense underground chaos in BORE BLASTERS, the new mining roguelike coming to multiple platforms on March 8th.

Developed by Scottish indie studio 8BitSkull, this dwarf-piloted, drill-equipped gyrocopter adventure promises heart-pounding action across procedurally generated mineshafts filled with sparkling riches and deadly foes.

Demo Now Available During Steam Next Fest

Eager miners can blast through a demo build of BORE BLASTERS, available now through Steam Next Fest until February 13th.

Try out the gyrocopter’s vicious drill and machine gun arsenal while unearthing temporary stat-boosting crystals and battling underground beasts. Wishlist the game to be notified on its full release across Windows, Linux, macOS and Steam Deck.

Intense Mining Action in Procedural Mines

BORE BLASTERS’ gameplay trailer shows off the core mining experience: using your gyrocopter’s ultra-powered drill to tear through procedurally generated biomes in search of riches while dodging attacks from spiders, bats, slimes and other subterranean monsters.

Mines get more dangerous but more rewarding the deeper you dig, with new biomes introducing environmental hazards and tougher enemies. Luckily, you can grab temporary upgrades from within the very gems and minerals you’re harvesting, giving you an edge.

A thrilling screenshot of the video game BORE BLASTERS, showcasing intense Mining Action with a menacing monster lurking in the background.

Permanent Upgrades Expand Possibilities

The spoils you collect from successful mine runs can be used to purchase permanent upgrades for future attempts. These upgrades make your gyrocopter more powerful and flexible, letting you access more dangerous optional biomes with greater riches.

Customize your build over many runs to maximize your preferred playstyle. You can also rescue and unlock new character classes hidden in the depths, each with unique abilities to augment your strategies.

Built for Replayability

With procedural generation providing endless mine layout variety, plus multiple characters to master and permanent progression persisting between runs, BORE BLASTERS offers tremendous replay value. Hop into the pilot seat for quick 5-minute mines or embark on hours-long Endless Mode runs based on your skill and preference.

bore blasters upgrades

Even when your luck runs dry, you’ll retain your hard-earned upgrades and resources for the next round of subterranean mayhem. With Xbox/PS4 releases slated later this year, boredom seems unlikely for BORE BLASTERS fans. Strap in and embrace the chaos when this intense mining roguelike launches March 8th!

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