Upgrade Your Caliber Experience with Caliber+

Popular online tactical shooter game Caliber is introducing a new alternative version called Caliber+ for dedicated players looking to enhance their experience. Caliber+ provides players with special account status, allowing them to access a range of useful features and perks.

Speed Up Progress with Fully Leveled Operators

One of the main benefits of upgrading to Caliber+ is that players will have instant access to fully leveled operators. This removes the need for grinding to level up the different operators and their various skills. All purchased operators will automatically be set at max level, even when new operator collections are released in future updates.

Easier Access to Ranked Battles and More

On top of fully leveled operators, players with Caliber+ can also enjoy easier access to Ranked Battles, one of the most popular competitive modes in the game. Additionally, they get permanent access to User Battle creation, allowing them to set up matches with custom settings. Players also get expanded account statistics so they can analyze their performance in detail.

Special Discounts Available

To encourage more players to upgrade, 1C Game Studios is offering some great discounts. By fully leveling up at least 35 operators in the base free-to-play version, players can receive an individual discount for purchasing Caliber+. The more operators leveled, the higher the discount.

Long-Time Players Rewarded with Free Upgrade

The cost of upgrading the caliber experience for one operator.

As a thank you to veteran players, those who fully upgrade 72 operators before January 10, 2024 will receive a temporary offer to get Caliber+ for free. This represents a great reward for players who have invested significant time into the game already.

A Shift Towards More Classic Monetization

The introduction of Caliber+ signals a shift away from a pure free-to-play model towards more classic monetization through a paid product. However, the base game will still be available for free, giving new players a chance to try it out. Meanwhile, veterans can upgrade to enjoy an enhanced experience.

New PvPvE Mode Adds a Fresh Twist

On top of the Caliber+ release, a major new mode called Threshold has also been added. Threshold is a PvPvE mode, blending PvP team battles with PvE bot opponents. Teams aim to destroy the enemy HQ within a 40-minute time limit, combining elements of MOBAs and action games for a unique twist.

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