Unravel the Labyrinth in Cryptical Path, the World’s First Action Rogue-lite-Builder

Old Skull Games unveiled its latest title, Cryptical Path, during the 2022 PC Gaming Show. Described by the developers as the world’s first action rogue-lite-builder game, Cryptical Path delivers a uniquely dynamic and strategic dungeon crawling experience.

Blending Genres for Thrilling Gameplay

Gameplay from Cryptical Path.

As the name suggests, Cryptical Path fuses rogue-lite mechanics with dungeon building and action gameplay. Players take on the role of the Architect, an agile character armed with a sharp scythe who has become trapped in the Hexium, a shifting labyrinth of their own creation.

To escape the sprawling and chaotic prison, the Architect must battle enemies, evade traps, unlock new skills, and modify the dungeon itself in real-time. This blend of procedurally generated levels, customization, and quick combat provides tremendous replay value.

Shape the Dungeon to Your Strategy

Unlike traditional rogue-lites, players in Cryptical Path can reduce randomness by reshaping rooms and manipulating the labyrinth’s layout. With each run, you can add or remove tunnels, widen paths, and open new routes. This dungeon building mechanic lets you support more strategic, less chaotic runs.

Combined with the Architect’s swift combat abilities – including dodging, dashing, and rapid scythe attacks – you have more control over your destiny even as the dungeon shifts around you. It creates a satisfying balance of planning your path through the ever-changing Hexium while relying on reflexes and skill during enemy encounters.

Stunning Visual Presentation

Cryptical Path stands out with its two-dimensional side-scrolling visuals combined with three-dimensional character models and environments. This art style beautifully complements the genre-blending gameplay, with rooms and walls seeming to twist, rotate, and reshape during runs.

When sprinting, dodging traps, and slicing through mystifying creatures, the game’s high quality animations and sound effects make gameplay feel even more kinetic and engaging.

Escape the Labyrinth You Created

Gameplay from Cryptical Path.

As players venture deeper through the cryptic and evolving passages of the Hexium, they’ll uncover fragments revealing why the Architect was imprisoned in their own creation. This central narrative adds mystery on top of the game’s tight gameplay.

Cryptical Path delivers an innovative take on action rogue-lites by letting players directly influence the procedural dungeons. With responsive controls, dazzling polygonal visuals, and an inviting gameplay loop, Cryptical Path shapes up as one of this year’s most creative indie titles. The game has a demo live on Steam right now, and you can wishlist the game now on Steam ahead of its 2023 launch.

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