Darkest Dungeon II Getting First DLC – The Binding Blade

Red Hook Studios’ critically acclaimed rogue-like RPG Darkest Dungeon II is set to receive its first downloadable content (DLC) pack this December – The Binding Blade. This new DLC brings exciting additions that will shake up the game’s intense turn-based combat and dark narrative journey.

Two New Heroes Join the Damned

The centerpiece of The Binding Blade DLC are two new playable hero classes, each with their own unique mechanics and skills.

The Duelist is a powerful melee damage-dealer capable of switching between defensive and aggressive stances. In their riposte stance, the Duelist can ignore enemy defenses to strike back hard after being attacked.

The Crusader returns to the front line, utilizing holy fire and righteous blade-work, with abilities to smite enemies, heal allies, resist damage themselves, and stress-heal the party.

These two heroes alone promise to bring fresh strategic options on the doomed road trip against the apocalypse. It will be exciting to see how these heroes integrate into the game’s various party compositions.

A Roaming Mini-Boss Brings New Dangers

In addition to the new heroes, The Binding Blade introduces an ominous new threat – The Warlord. This enemy acts as a roaming mini-boss who could ambush your party at any time.

The Warlord will surely be a punishing foe that will seriously jeopardize your journey. This adds an extra layer of tension and unpredictability that should keep players on their toes. Defeating The Warlord will require careful planning and quick thinking.

Expanding An Acclaimed Rogue-Like RPG

The darkest dungeon logo featuring elements from Darkest Dungeon II and The Binding Blade DLC.

For those unfamiliar, Darkest Dungeon II is a gothic rogue-like RPG about leading a band of flawed heroes on a perilous road trip to save humanity from apocalyptic forces. Players must manage relationships, supplies, and combat tactics while braving progressively more nightmarish challenges.

Since launching in early access in 2021 and officially releasing in May 2022, the game has earned critical acclaim for its tense, strategic combat, procedurally generated journeys, and extremely atmospheric art and narration.

The Binding Blade looks to expand the game in exciting ways for its passionate playerbase. The DLC arrives just in time for the holidays, making it a perfect gift for RPG fans looking for a fresh challenge.

The Binding Blade DLC for Darkest Dungeon II releases in December 2022. Expect more details from Red Hook Studios soon on exact pricing and availability. Until then, gather your strongest heroes – the road through hell just got even more dangerous.

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