Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Date Set for March 2024 with New Gameplay Details

Dragon’s Dogma 2 finally has a release date of March 22, 2024 and will launch on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Along with the release date announcement, new gameplay details were revealed, including a trailer showcase of the expansive open world, enemy AI dynamics, character customization, and more.

Trickster Vocation Introduced Alongside Enhanced Character Creator

The showcase provided the first look at the new Trickster vocation that players can choose for their Arisen. From what we’ve seen, the Trickster can use smoke illusions to confuse and trick the AI, forcing them to attack one another. Players can also expect to see the return of vocations like Warrior and Sorcerer, each with unique skills and abilities to take on foes.

On top of new gameplay, the character creator has been enhanced to utilize photogrammetry for ultra-realistic customization of the Arisen and their Main Pawn. This technology captures real-world images to render detailed skin, hair, and other attributes when crafting a character. The freedom of customization enables each player’s adventure through the dangerous fantasy world to feel completely unique.

Parallel Worlds Deal Differently with Dragon Threat

Dragon's Dogma 2 screenshot.

Details on Dragon’s Dogma 2’s story reveal a land divided into two nations, each grappling with the cycle of destruction wrought by invading dragons in different ways. The kingdom of Vermund has a false Arisen controlled by Queen Regent Disa, wielding magical techniques to command citizens. Meanwhile, the republic of Battahl worships the Lambent Flame in hopes of keeping calamity at bay.

As the Arisen, players will make choices that impact interactions and change the narrative through their journey across these distinct cultures filled with diverse destinations. The showcase provided a glimpse into the elven enclave of Sacred Arbor, suggesting players can expect to explore realms beyond human settlements. There appear to be many unique challenges awaiting the Arisen beyond just confronting mythical beasts.

Dynamic Combat and Enhanced Enemy AI

Talos from Dragon's Dogma 2.

Combat remains a central focus of the Dragon’s Dogma formula, with the sequel enhancing enemy AI to create more realistic behaviors and reactions. The griffin showcased responds to attacks by protecting vulnerable areas, forcing players to adapt. Likewise, players can take advantage of the environment, using objects like boulders to crush foes.

Each enemy appears to offer a unique challenge, including new reveals like the towering Talos that can pick up debris to throw at attackers, the armored Dullahan who utilizes a detachable head to attack from range, and more mythical threats like the Drake with devastating tail swipes and fire-breathing attacks. Players will need to assess situations and employ creative solutions to triumph.

With the official release date set and new details unveiled, Dragon’s Dogma 2 builds tremendous anticipation as it prepares to bring players back into its immersive open world full of danger and mystery in March 2024.

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