Warriors of Heathmoor Invade Villedor: New Dying Light 2 Crossover Brings For Honor to the Zombie Apocalypse

The sprawling open-world city of Villedor in Techland’s Dying Light 2 Stay Human already posed plenty of threats to players, from volatile zombies to murderous renegades.

But now mighty knights, samurai, and Vikings straight out of Ubisoft’s For Honor have arrived, bringing their deadly melee skills to the zombie-ravaged streets. This surprise crossover event blends the worlds of historical slasher and undead survival horror for a grisly good time.

Heroes and Horror Collide

The Berserker Bundle in Dying Light 2.

From November 21st through December 5th, Dying Light 2 players can participate in the timed event and encounter Kensei, Wardens, and Berserkers from For Honor. These skilled warriors offer new challenges with modified speed, attacks, and behaviors compared to regular bandit foes.

Players must use their parkour mobility to avoid the extra lethal slashes, parries, and dodges employed by the invaders. Defeating these mighty heroes and completing event goals rewards loot like rage boosters, weapons, and gliders themed around For Honor.

Exclusive For Honor Themed Loot

The Kensei Bundle in Dying Light 2.

Three special bundles are also available, granting Dying Light 2 players iconic gear straight from For Honor. The Berserker Bundle unlocks savage battle axes along with masks and blue war paint to channel your inner Viking. The Warden Bundle offers longswords, helms, and standards to roleplay the quintessential knight. And the Kensei Bundle provides a samurai sword kit to deliver lethal iaijutsu cuts.

Players can earn these item bundles from event challenges or purchase them for 500 DL Points from the in-game shop.

Techland’s Proven Record

The Warden Bundle in Dying Light 2.

This unusual crossover shows Polish developer Techland’s creativity and proven record with AAA franchises. Following the smash success of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which has sold over 5 million copies, Techland continues supporting the undead survival game while developing a new fantasy RPG.

Teaming up with Ubisoft to bring For Honor’s distinct warriors into Dying Light 2’s apocalypse makes for an unexpected delight for fans. Offering creative challenges and loot, this event represents Techland’s dedication to expanding worlds and crossovers. Whether you wield blades as knights and samurai or parkour across rooftops surviving the horrors of Villedor, this team-up brings refreshing variety and continued content to both titles.

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