Eternal Return Season 2 Battle Maids Brings New Content

Eternal Return, the popular battle royale game developed by Nimble Neuron, is launching Season 2 Battle Maids on November 9th. This highly anticipated update will introduce exciting new content and improvements that are sure to delight the game’s rapidly growing fanbase.

New Playable Character and Looks for Fan Favorites

Eternal Return Battle Maids

Headlining the update is the addition of the new playable character, Test Subject 69 aka Leni. Armed with a colorful arsenal of toy weapons and gadgets, Leni looks set to shake up the game’s core combat mechanics.

In addition to Leni, the new season will feature fresh looks for beloved characters Fiora, Aya, Rozzi, and Bernice. Players will be eager to unlock these stylish “Battle Maid” outfits and weapons skins for their mains.

Matchmaking, UI and Gameplay Improvements

Eternal Return Season 2 also brings a raft of updates aimed at improving overall gameplay. Tweaks to the matchmaking algorithm should create more balanced teams and fairer fights. Changes to ping systems, spectating UI, and more will also elevate the player experience.

Surging Popularity and Viewership

Eternal Return has seen its popularity surge recently, especially in France where daily active users have increased 20X in the last month. The game also achieved a peak Twitch viewership of 21,000 in the region as hype builds for the new season.

Special Events and Battle Pass

To celebrate the Season 2 launch, a Leni Play Event will run from November 9th to December 6th with unlockable rewards and skins. There will also be a Season 2 Battle Pass that offers free and premium reward tracks.

Major Potential for Further Growth

As a free-to-play title with fluid combat and regular content updates, Eternal Return ticks all the boxes required for massive mainstream appeal. The development team clearly has their finger on the pulse of what players want.

With the launch of Season 2, the stars seem aligned for Eternal Return to soar to even greater heights. It remains to be seen just how far this ascendant game can climb.

Try Eternal Return for Free

Eternal Return is available for free on Steam and check out the game on the Eternal Return website.

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