Explore the Mysteries of an Ancient World in Survival Game Soulmask

Ancient rituals, mysterious civilizations, and primal combat await in the upcoming open-world survival sandbox game, Soulmask. This immersive title will release a demo on Steam Next Fest on February 5th, providing players a first look at the rich primitive world filled with deadly creatures and savage tribes.

Build Your Tribe From the Ground Up

A screenshot of a captivating village adorned with Soulmask in a video game.

Soulmask throws players into a lush natural environment with limited resources. You must gather materials, food, and water to survive while contending with dangerous wildlife. As you explore further, you’ll encounter procedurally generated ancient ruins filled with secrets of past civilizations.

A key feature is the ability to recruit tribal NPCs known as “tribemen” to help build your settlement and complete tasks. Customize your character’s abilities and give direction to tribespeople to delegate responsibilities. Use the intuitive pathfinding AI to guide tribemen effectively.

Check out the trailer for Soulmask below.

Soulmask trailer

Master Primitive Weapons and Combat

Elder scrolls xiii - Soulmask screenshot 2.

Staying alive requires perseverance and combat prowess. Soulmask introduces a realistic physics-based fighting system utilizing primitive weapons like spears, clubs, and bows. Take down prey animals for resources and defend against hostile creatures. Observation is key when encountering new opponents to identify vulnerabilities.

As you grow stronger, take part in vivid boss battles that test your weapon mastery and reflexes. Exploit attack patterns and weak points to triumph over hulking monstrosities guarding valuable treasures. Adapt your playstyle by collecting masks scattered through the world, each imbued with special skills to enhance exploration or combat.

A Thriving Soulmask Community

Soulmask has built an enthusiastic fanbase within the survival game community. Between its rich worldbuilding and liberty given to players, this title shows promise to stand out in the genre when it releases later this year. Wishlist now on Steam and join the official Discord server to receive updates straight from the developers. Experience the mysteries awaiting in this primordial landscape for yourself when the Steam demo launches on February 5th.

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