Explore the Stars for Free in Star Citizen’s Week of Celebrations

Cloud Imperium Games is inviting new and veteran pilots alike to take flight during Star Citizen’s free week, running from February 8th to the 15th.

The Free Fly event grants access to five flyable ships and coincides with in-game festivals Coramor and the Red Festival, making it the perfect time to experience all the game currently has to offer.

Take Your Pick of Star Citizen Ships

An image of a Star Citizen ship navigating the skies.

During the Free Fly event, you’ll have your choice of five distinct ships to tour the stars. The rugged Nomad from Consolidated Outland is ready for adventure with its easy handling and basic accommodations.

Origin Jumpworks brings sleek style with the luxury 100i and 400i.

Those looking for firepower can climb aboard the menacing RSI Scorpius or prospect distant asteroids with the hardy MISC Prospector.

All ships are free to use during the week-long event.

Star Citizen free event trailer

Celebrate Love and Prosperity in the ‘Verse

Two people holding guns in front of a purple background in the video game Star Citizen.

Two in-game holiday events overlap with the Free Fly. Coramor, Star Citizen’s annual celebration of romantic connections, allows pilots to exchange gifts under alien vistas, discover romantic hotspots, or test their bonds in Arena Commander’s Duo Showdown.

The colorful Red Festival commemorates the Lunar New Year 2954 and runs from from February 8th-26th.

As tradition goes, red envelopes filled with valuable aUEC currency are hidden amongst the stars for explorers to uncover.

The envelopes symbolize the loyalty, kindness and honesty embodied by the Year of the Dog. However players will need quick reflexes and killer instincts to succeed in the Red Festival’s new Arena Commander mode, Kill Collector.

This intense FPS deathmatch has players face off to loot red envelopes from defeated foes, earning points for their team. Surviving the chaos also rewards each victorious combatant with a commemorative challenge coin to honor their participation in this rapidly-paced mode.

How To Begin With Star Citizen

A Star Citizen ship soaring in the sky.

New players should visit the Welcome Hub to learn the basics before launching into space. The Star Citizen website has everything you need to download and start playing.

Veterans should dig out their referral codes and share with friends during the Red Festival. Both referrer and referee receive exclusive rewards when a new account is created.

Star Citizen Free Event Dates

The week of celebrations start on February 8th, at approximately 8:00 am Pacific Time. Star Citizen’s Free Fly event and in-game holiday Coramor will run until February 15th. In addition, the Red Festival in-game event will start today and be active through February 26th.

For more information, visit the official Star Citizen website, Facebook, X and Instagram.

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