Falling Frontier Pushed to 2025 for Quality Assurance

In a recent announcement that has left fans both disappointed and hopeful, it’s been revealed that Falling Frontier’s release will be delayed until 2025.

CEO Reassures Fans on Commitment to Quality

CEO Tim Bender of Hooded Horse, the publisher of Falling Frontier, acknowledged the challenges of indie development and emphasized the commitment to delivering a game that meets the expectations of the players. The delay provides the development team with the necessary time to address any setbacks and deliver a game that exceeds expectations.

Development Progressing Steadily Despite Delay

Falling Frontier is the highly anticipated space RTS game developed by Stutter Fox Studios. The game has captured the attention and excitement of gamers and industry enthusiasts alike. The prospect of exploring the depths of space and engaging in strategic battles has sparked a wave of anticipation within the gaming community.

Despite the delay, the development process of Falling Frontier has been making significant strides forward. The team has focused on improving and refining various aspects of the game to create a more immersive and engaging experience. From revamping combat mechanics to incorporating a new visual identity, the dedication to enhancing the game’s core features is evident.

The delay provides the development team with an opportunity to regroup, recover, and reorganize their efforts to ensure a successful launch. By allowing for additional time, the team can address any obstacles or unforeseen challenges that may have arisen, ultimately strengthening the foundation of the game.

Release Date for Falling Frontier

The new release date for Falling Frontier is sometime in 2025. While the delay of Falling Frontier may have dashed the immediate hopes of eager gamers, it is important to see this as an opportunity for the development team to refine and elevate the game to new heights. The decision to prioritize quality over a rushed release is commendable in the industry, as it demonstrates the dedication of both Hooded Horse and Stutter Fox Studios to delivering a high quality product.

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