Free Dream Horses and Top-Tier Weapons For Black Desert Console Players

Pearl Abyss is welcoming Black Desert console players into 2024 with open arms, gifting some of the most coveted items for free. Log in now to claim one of three Dream Horses, the game’s ultimate mounts, along with best-in-slot gear to dominate PvE content.

Choose Your Free Black Desert Dream Mount

The black desert logo featuring a majestic castle in the background.

Every seasoned Black Desert player yearns for a Dream Horse, the rarest and most sought-after mounts in the game. These magical creatures have unique skills, high base stats, and appearances to make any hero look legendary riding into battle.

For a limited time, Black Desert Console players can head to the Challenge tab and select one Dream Horse to add to their stable for free:

Arduanatt – Known as the Dream Horse of fire for its flaming appearance. It can charge into enemies with explosive power.

Diné – This majestic, winged Dream Horse rules the skies and air. Players can ride the winds into any battle.

Doom – As the harbinger of darkness, Doom strikes fear and delivers devastating attacks. Its ominous appearance suits shadowy heroes.

Claim Free Weapons and Buffs

The login rewards don’t stop with the Dream Horse. High level players can also grab end-game gear from the Challenge tab:

TET Blackstar Weapons – At level 61, unlock individual questlines for each class to receive one of these PvE destroying weapons. Or opt for 10x Dim Origin of Dark Hunger instead.

Vell’s Heart – Level 56+ adventurers receive this alchemy stone for bonus attack power to plow through anywhere from grinding spots to world bosses.

The update also introduces Season server improvements to make enhancing tuvala gear easier, as well as a free Season Creation Ticket.

Overall, the Black Desert team is ushering in 2024 with some of the most generous giveaways ever seen. Veterans and newbies alike have everything to gain by logging in today and claiming these offerings. For more information, check out the Black Desert console website.

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