Freezing New Weapons Added in Crossout’s Frostbite Assault Update

Gaijin Entertainment has unleashed a flurry of frigid new content onto the post-apocalyptic world of Crossout with their latest major update, Frostbite Assault.

What is Crossout?

A woman in a trenchcoat is bravely standing in front of a snowstorm, showcasing the freezing cold brought by the Crossout Frostbite Assault Update.

Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO vehicle combat game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment. The game is available on PC and consoles.

The game offers complete customization for players to build and upgrade armored vehicles to use in open world PvP and PvE battles.

With thousands of options for shape, armor, weapons, support systems and cosmetics, players have endless possibilities to create deadly rides to take into combat against enemies.

Chill Out with New Cryogenic Damage

At the heart of the update lies a bone-chilling new feature: cryogenic damage. A range of weapons new and old now have the ability to freeze opponents’ parts solid, reducing speed, power output, and even protecting the shooter against incoming fire.

Leading the cooler crew is the intimidating Jotun. This cryogenic howitzer envelops enemies in an icy embrace, freezing parts and weakening armor.

For more mobile operatives, the Narwhal cryocannon allows nimble vehicles to ice components on the fly. And the ominous Skadi cold launcher reduces damage from enemy weapons, allowing an icy operator to shrug off attacks while their opponent is frozen solid.

Frigid New Faction Rolls Out

Crossout tank

These weapons debut alongside the launch of Hyperborea, a new icy faction revealed in the Frostbite Assault update. Hyperborean vehicles sport a distinctive aesthetic, all spikes and scale-like plates seemingly hewn from glaciers.

The update also includes a range of new structural and movement parts only available to Hyperborean operatives.

These include the menacing Icebox cabin, a small, swift base well-suited to cryogenic combat. Alongside an array of wheels, tracks, frames and other cold-resistant gear, the Hyperboreans now boast both the firepower and components to dominate the frozen wastes.

Crossout Co-Op Raid

Beyond new weapons and the Hyperborea faction, the centerpiece of the Frostbite Assault update is Northern Justice. This four-player raid tasks teams with tackling a series of unique armored opponents across five icy arenas.

Surviving the onslaught will require coordination, communication, and masterful cryogenic marksmanship. But those who triumph will be rewarded with rare crafting resources and new structural parts ideal for the harsh climes of Crossout’s frozen north.

For more information, visit the official Crossout website.

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