God Simulator The Universim Announces 1.0 Release

After 10 long years in early access, the ambitious planet management simulator game The Universim is finally nearing its complete 1.0 release. Indie developer Crytivo has announced that the full version will launch on January 22, 2024.

The Universim first hit Steam Early Access back in 2014 after a successful $397K Kickstarter campaign. The god simulator allows players to guide a fledgling civilization of Nuggets from the Stone Age up into space colonization and beyond. Now, a decade later, fans will get to experience the project’s true vision.

Space Age Civilization

A screenshot of the Universim game featuring a farm surrounded by trees.

According to Crytivo, The Universim 1.0 update will introduce end-game interstellar content, like researching advanced technologies and settling new planets outside your home world. As you progress, you can colonize an unlimited number of resource-rich planets to expand your budding galactic empire across the stars.

The update also brings a complete storyline with enhanced narration and context to add depth to the experience. Your cerebral cortex-endowed Nuggets can finally blast off into their Space Age, unlocking additional technologies for you to discover as the all-seeing manager of their cute little lives.

Check out the trailer for Universim full release below.

Multi-Language Support and QOL Improvements

A 3D image of an island with trees and clouds, created using the Universim engine.

In addition to the new end-game features, Crytivo has also added Simplified Chinese, German, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian language support, allowing more fans globally to enjoy watching helpless Nuggets bumbling about their planets.

Other quality-of-life improvements include additional tutorials and tooltips guiding new players into the experience. Veterans of the game will appreciate balance changes and AI enhancements as well. Features include:

  • Boundless New Worlds: Venture beyond your home planet and settle new worlds across the stars. Each procedural planet presents unique geography and environmental conditions to manage.
  • Interstellar Resources: Discover planetary bodies overflowing with valuable materials to fuel the expansion of your fledgling space civilization.
  • Colorful New Commentary: Over 600 additional voice-over lines add flavor and function, keeping you informed and entertained as you guide your Nuggets to greatness.
  • An Epic Odyssey: Follow an engaging, fully developed narrative that gives context to your interstellar activities. After you complete the story, continue charting the infinite cosmos.
  • Reaching for the Stars: Graduate your Nuggets to the space age, unlocking advanced technologies on the research tree to further your intergalactic exploits.

Universim Full Release Date

The Universim 1.0 full release is scheduled for January 22, 2024.

After so long in development and a dedicated fan base of over half a million wishlisters, the release is sure to draw excitement and fanfare across the gaming world. Check out the game on Steam and Crytivo’s website.

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