Historically Accurate WW2 Shooter Enlisted Coming to Steam

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that their squad-based MMO shooter Enlisted will launch on Steam in Q1 2024.

The new Steam version titled Enlisted: Reinforced will bring the gritty, realistic WW2 action to Valve’s platform with full cross-play support.

Immersive Squad Gameplay

A screenshot of an enlisted video game with a gun in the background.

In Enlisted, players can join infantry squads, command tanks, or take control of aircraft in massive battles featuring authentic uniforms, weapons, vehicles, and more.

As a squad leader, you must coordinate with teammates, utilize cover, and capture strategic positions to lead your side to victory.

The large-scale conflicts also allow you to seamlessly switch between roles, going from a rifleman on the frontlines to a bomber pilot raining fire from above. No matter your playstyle, Enlisted offers an unrivaled WW2 battlefield.

Historically Accurate Arsenal

Enlisted screenshot with tanks

Enlisted prides itself on an arsenal of weaponry pulled straight from the history books, all recreated with stunning visuals and realistic handling.

Iconic guns like the M1 Garand, MP40, and PPSH-41 all make appearances alongside an extensive collection of rifles, machine guns, explosives, and more.

Enlisted Jungle Fire trailer

Tanks and aircraft also deliver authentic WW2 action, letting you commandeer the legendary Soviet T-34 or take to the skies as an American P-51 pilot. Combined with meticulously researched uniforms and locations, Enlisted brings the definitive WW2 experience.

Full Enlisted Cross-Platform Support

The Steam release will come with full cross-play between the existing Gaijin.net client as well as PlayStation and Xbox. This means Steam players can squad up with friends on other platforms for even more combined arms mayhem. Your soldier progress and purchased items will carry between versions.

For existing players, you’ll have 30 days after launch to link your current Gaijin.net account with a Steam account, transferring all your hard-earned progression. Add Enlisted: Reinforced to your Steam wishlist and get ready for WW2 action on a massive scale when it deploys in Q1 2024.

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