Hit the Road with Alaskan Road Truckers in Two New DLC Drops

Game publisher Green Man Gaming Publishing has announced two new DLC drops for their trucking simulation game Alaskan Road Truckers. The Ice Roads Expansion and Trucking Hell cosmetics DLC will bring exciting new adventures and customization options when they launch today.

Take on Treacherous New Terrain

A screenshot of an Alaskan road trucker driving down a road.

The Ice Roads Expansion marks the first major addition of content since the initial release. This free DLC focuses on expanding the playable area, taking drivers out of the main region of Alaska and into remote, rugged and frozen new environments.

New locations include mountain roads, cliffside passes and the perilous ice roads that require expert maneuvering to avoid deadly cracks and breaks. Along with the new geography comes additional challenges like transporting 7 new cargo types to 7 new destinations while discovering secrets hidden within 8 new points of interest.

Fan Favorite Joins the Cast

Reality TV star Lisa Kelly of Ice Road Truckers fame joins Alaskan Road Truckers as a playable character in the expansion. Fans of the show can now drive across the tundra while stepping into the shoes of one of their favorite truckers.

Deck Out Your Ride

Alaskan Road Truckers semi truck in a field.

While the Ice Roads DLC opens new territory to explore, the Trucking Hell DLC turns the focus to aesthetics. Players can outfit their character and tricked-out rides with menacing spikes and flames to embrace the extreme trucker lifestyle.

The DLC includes a new post-apocalyptic character skin along with a custom apocalypse-themed truck only available in the in-game shop. Expect decked out front bumpers, gun replicas, fiery exhaust and much more to choose from.

Smoother Trucking for All

An Alaskan truck driving down a mountain road with breathtaking mountains in the background.

In addition to the two paid DLC drops, developer Road Studios S.A. has released a major update for Alaskan Road Truckers focusing on quality-of-life improvements and general tweaks. All players can enjoy changes like improved steering sensitivity regardless of whether they pick up the new content.

Now Available on PC

Both the free Ice Roads Expansion and paid Trucking Hell DLC are out today on Steam for Alaskan Road Truckers. The base game is $21.99 USD.

Console players will have to wait a bit longer to venture through the frozen tundra and sport menacing new looks. PlayStation, Xbox and Epic Games Store releases are slated to launch in the future according to the developers.

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