HoYoverse Announces 2nd Closed Beta for ARPG Zenless Zone Zero

HoYoverse, the developers behind popular anime game Genshin Impact, have announced the second closed beta testing phase for their highly anticipated upcoming game, the urban fantasy action RPG Zenless Zone Zero. With new stories, areas to explore, playable characters, and combat mechanics, this closed beta aims to give fans an exciting sneak peek into the rich world of New Eridu.

Explore the Supernatural Streets of New Eridu

A screenshot of a zenless hallway in a video game.
New Eridu

In Zenless Zone Zero, players will take on the role of a ‘Proxy’, set in the city of New Eridu. This city has been overrun by supernatural enemies known as Hollows. As a Proxy, you must explore the streets, alleyways, and buildings of the city, fighting back against the dangerous Hollows. According to HoYoverse, this second closed beta will introduce a new explorable area and story chapter focused on the mysterious Belobog Heavy Industries.

Action-Packed Combat and Unique Perfect Assist Mechanic

Not only will players be able to explore more of New Eridu, but the closed beta will also showcase re-designed combat mechanics. HoYoverse promises thrilling, action-packed battles against the Hollows invaders. The game will also feature a unique Perfect Assist mechanic that allows you to partner up with allies for devastating combo attacks. With new playable characters being introduced, fans will be able to test out different battle styles and abilities.

Immersive Urban Gameplay in a Vibrant Cyberpunk Setting

A zenless group of anime characters standing next to each other.
Zenless Zone Zero

Along with combat, HoYoverse has said Zenless Zone Zero will feature immersive urban gameplay, with a vibrant, futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic. Set in a post-apocalyptic urban environment, players will need to traverse the cityscape using parkour and other skills. The closed beta aims to demonstrate this urban gameplay in the overhauled design of New Eridu.

Striking Visuals and Music

Early previews have shown Zenless Zone Zero has a highly stylized visual presentation, with anime-inspired characters, neon-lit environments, and fast-paced action. HoYoverse has said the game will feature a unique approach to art design and music, crafting an engaging audio-visual experience.

Closed Beta Sign-Ups Now Open

If you’re excited to dive into the supernatural cyberpunk world of Zenless Zone Zero, closed beta sign-ups are now available on the official HoYoverse website. The closed beta will give select fans an early hands-on with this ambitious urban fantasy ARPG before its full release.

With intense action combat, immersive urban exploration, and a unique anime art style, Zenless Zone Zero looks set to deliver a thrilling new take on the action RPG genre. This second closed beta will offer hungry fans the first real taste of what’s in store when the game launches.

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