Into The Grid: Cyberpunk Deckbuilder Gears Up for Steam’s Deckbuilder Fest Playtest

A Unique Blend of Deckbuilding and Dungeon Crawling

Into The Grid, an upcoming Cyberpunk deckbuilder game that seamlessly merges card combat with dungeon crawling elements, is set to launch a new open playtest during Steam’s Deckbuilder Fest, starting on March 25th.

Developed by Flatline Studios, the indie game development company behind the “2112 Narrative Universe,” Into The Grid aims to provide players with an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience within the Cyberpunk genre.

Improving Gameplay Through Player Feedback

The upcoming playtest serves as an opportunity for the development team to gather valuable feedback from players and further refine the game’s mechanics.

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With a focus on the unique “Commands” system, designed to mitigate the impact of bad draws and RNG effects, the playtest will provide insights into the effectiveness of this mechanic and its reception among players.

The first playtest, which attracted over 1000 participants, generated significant interest in the game, with nearly 2000 more players eagerly awaiting access to the updated version.

The development team is committed to addressing player feedback, with the updated prototype featuring a new onboarding tutorial, reworked buff system, bug fixes, and expanded deckbuilding elements.

Exploring the Cyberpunk World Through Deckbuilding

Into The Grid’s innovative blend of deckbuilding and dungeon crawling allows players to immerse themselves in a captivating Cyberpunk world.

Into The Grid will be playable during Steam’s Deckbuilder Fest

The game’s card combat system, combined with the “Commands” mechanic, offers a fresh take on the traditional deckbuilder genre, providing players with greater control over their strategies and gameplay experiences.

As the development team continues to refine the game’s mechanics, they are also working on implementing the Map Exploration feature, another key aspect of Into The Grid’s gameplay.

This addition will further enhance the dungeon crawling experience, allowing players to discover new challenges and rewards as they navigate the game’s intricate world.

Join the Playtest and Shape the Future of Into The Grid

Players interested in shaping the future of Into The Grid can request access to the upcoming playtest through the game’s Steam page.

A first-person view from a cyberpunk deckbuilder video game, displaying an energy shield and various hud elements.
Filled with unique card effects, players have huge potential for theorycrafting.

By participating in the playtest, players will have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback on the game’s interface, Commands System, and overall mechanics, helping the development team create an engaging and polished gaming experience for both veteran deckbuilder players and newcomers to the genre.

As Into The Grid continues to evolve throughout its pre-alpha phase, the upcoming playtest during Steam’s Deckbuilder Fest marks an exciting milestone in the game’s development. With the support and feedback of its growing community, Into The Grid is poised to deliver a truly unique and captivating Cyberpunk deckbuilding adventure.

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