Hammerhold Beckons in New Kingdom Rush Vengeance DLC

The popular tower defense franchise Kingdom Rush has released enticing new DLC that promises to challenge even the most battle-hardened players. The Hammerhold Campaign draws you into frantic fights across vivid fantasy realms, with devious foes and towering bosses to conquer. Ready your tactics for this essential addition to the Kingdom Rush saga!

March Into the Unknown

Developer Ironhide Game Studio has unleashed the Hammerhold Campaign on multiple platforms, including Steam, iOS, and Android devices. Available for $7.99 USD or free for Apple Arcade members, this DLC introduces the desert region of Hammerhold, ruled by the ruthless mummy warlock Vez’nan.

Your task? Gather forces to challenge Vez’nan’s quest for power. The road ahead holds surprises, as his formidable magic transforms enemies into more lethal threats. Stay light on your feet, because the battles demand new strategies if you hope to survive.

Brave New Dangers

A screenshot of the new Kingdom Rush Vengeance DLC with a lot of different items in Hammerhold Beckons.

Throughout five unique stages, the campaign confronts you with hazards and opponents to test your skills:

  • Assassins strike from the shadows while destructive war elephants and magical djinnis attack out in the open.
  • The skies swarm with flying carpets, forcing you to defend on multiple fronts.
  • Once-vanquished heroes return as bosses, their familiar powers twisted by Vez’nan’s sorcery.

Innovate and Overcome

To overcome these threats, the Hammerhold Campaign equips your army with new assets:

  • Isfet the Mummy Warlock joins as a playable hero, letting you employ black magic, curses and tower buffs.
  • The new tower type Sandworm Hollow digs through the ground, devouring friend and foe alike.
  • And hidden surprises throughout encourage replay to uncover all the content.

Pit your tower defense prowess against Vez’nan’s dark regime now! The Hammerhold Campaign’s vivid world, strategic depth, and replayability make it a must-buy expansion for Kingdom Rush fans. How long can you resist its call?

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