Len’s Island Gets Supersized with “Harvest Moon” Update

The popular survival game Len’s Island on Steam recently released its biggest update yet with the addition of the “Harvest Moon” in-game event that introduces new threats and opportunities to build up your island empire.

The Harvest Moon World Event

Len’s Island has just recieved its biggest update yet!

The headline feature is the periodic Harvest Moon event which provides boosted yields from new mining outposts, but waves of enemies will attack and must be defended against. Players must balance greed and restraint to maximize their gains.

New Defensive Buildings

To help defend settlements during Harvest Moons, two powerful defensive buildings have been added. The Cannon building damages enemies from a distance, while the auto-targeting Ballista Tower automatically fires arrows at incoming foes. Their firepower will be key to surviving the nights.

Resource Mining Outposts

A house from Len's Island.

Three new outposts can be claimed on islands across the procedural generated world to set up resource production. These can be purchased to give a constant supply of wood, stone, and iron without needing to manually gather. Upgrade them to boost output.

Fast Travel Networks

Transport has been expanded with player-made portals allowing fast travel between settlements, removing tedious journeys across the ocean. Town portals can also quickly zip around centralized settlements. This fast travel network is a game-changer for building island networks.

Town Upgrading System

In the stunning world of Len's Island, a man strolls along a path illuminated by his trusty torch.

The town improvement system makes a return, allowing specific buildings to be built that upgrade settlements by improving productivity, defense, and other stats. Construct the right combinations of special buildings to create prosperous island towns.

New Wildlife

Rabbits have been added to islands across the Len’s Island world, making the landscapes feel more alive while also providing a new source of food and resources from hunting. They add more atmosphere and life within nature.

Sale on Steam

Len's Island 2023 roadmap featuring the Harvest Moon update.

To celebrate the major “Harvest Moon” update, Len’s Island is now 20% off on Steam until November 30th, making it the perfect time to pick up the award-winning game or grab some copies for friends!

The “Harvest Moon” update advances Len’s Island’s charming survival gameplay with exciting new threats to tackle. The huge content update is the perfect reason to explore its vast procedurally generated world. Survive through the lunar events, build up your islands, and master the newly expanded transport networks for maximum prosperity.

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