Horror Co-Op Hit “Lethal Company” Reaches Major Milestone on Steam

“Lethal Company,” the tense and terrifying co-op survival game from indie developer Zeekerss, has officially surpassed over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam. This impressive milestone demonstrates the game’s rapidly growing popularity since its Early Access launch just one month ago.

Lethal Company’s trailer from 2018.

Runaway Steam Success

On October 23, “Lethal Company” first entered Steam Early Access after much anticipation from fans of the horror genre. In the weeks since, positive word of mouth and streamer attention has steadily spread awareness of the immersive, team-focused survival challenges that “Lethal Company” offers.

Last Sunday, November 20, the game hit a new peak of 115,050 simultaneous playerslogged in and surviving the horrors of abandoned moons and derelict space stations. As news of this milestone spread, Zeekerss celebrated the achievement on Twitter, thanking fans for their support and promising exciting updates still to come.

Currently “Lethal Company” holds an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam, with players praising the intense and strategic co-op gameplay loop. The frequent updates from Zeekerss to balance and expand the game have also garnered notice and appreciation from the burgeoning “Lethal Company” community.

Scrap and Survive

A screenshot of Lethal Company showing a house in the fog.

In “Lethal Company,” squads of up to 4 players take on contracts from The Company to collect precious resources from remote moons and stations in uncharted space. Players have plenty of creative customization to make their characters stand out from the crowd. The ability to decorate your own personal spaceshipInterior also allows for self-expression and team spirit.

However, the abandoned outposts have begun to earn their nickname as “lethal” for a reason. Players must watch each other’s backs from environmental hazards, aggressive indigenous creatures, rogue worker bots, and much more to successfully extract enough scrap metal to meet their quotas. Amassing upgrades, weapons, and tools to increase chances of survival remains key.

Work in Progress with a Bright Future

As an Early Access game still under active development, Zeekerss has plenty of content, features, and improvements planned for the future. New player-versus-environment challenges, expanded progression systems, additional horrifying creatures, and increased customization options still lie ahead. The underlying game systems, balance, and bugs are also still being fine-tuned based on player experiences and feedback.

With the stellar reception and popularity achieved so far from passionate horror and co-opfans, “Lethal Company” appears poised to thrive long-term as it approaches eventual full launch. For now, survival contractors have plenty more work to do on behalf of The Company or suffer the lethal consequences.

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