Nightmare Fuel: Little Nightmares III Brings Online Co-op to the Horror Series

Fans of the creepy puzzle-platformer series rejoice – Little Nightmares III is coming soon, and it’s bringing co-op gameplay for the first time to the franchise. Developers Supermassive Games announced that the latest entry will allow players to explore the disturbing world together or solo with an AI companion.

Little Nightmares III follows two new characters, the aptly-named Low and Alone, as they attempt to escape from The Nowhere, a twisted and whimsical world filled with clever puzzles and dangerous threats around every corner. Gamers will guide the pair through atmospheric locales like The Necropolis, an ancient city raised from the desert sands, filled with secrets and deadly creatures waiting to pounce from the shadows.

The signature elements of the Little Nightmares series all return, like environmental puzzles that require cooperation between the two characters. Stealth and survival mechanics are back as well, as Low and Alone must hide or run from considerable dangers like the frighteningly massive Monster Baby. Fans can expect the same excellent sound design, moody visuals, and dark storytelling crafted by Supermassive.

Little Nightmares, Substantial Synergy

The biggest addition is the online co-op, allowing two players to control Low and Alone together as they explore the unsettling world. Gamers can help each other solve puzzles, distract enemies, and survive the many threats. For those that prefer to adventure solo, the second character will be controlled by competent AI, much like an instant companion.

Supermassive revealed an 18-minute gameplay video that dives into the co-op in action, as the two characters sneak, climb, and run through The Necropolis at night, evading deadly stone guardians. The gameplay shows off the fun cooperative elements, like Alone catching Low after a failed jump, or the pair working together to activate mechanisms and open doors.

If you can’t wait…

Beyond the new game, Supermassive and Tarsier Studios are expanding the Little Nightmares universe even further. They announced “The Sounds of Nightmares,” a 6-episode podcast that tells an original story featuring a new character named Noone. The episodic audio drama will provide lore and backstories to expand on the unnerving world of Little Nightmares. As a huge fan of the franchise, these podcasts have been an absolute treat.

Little Nightmares III delivers nightmare fuel in a spine-chilling online co-op experience.

For fans wanting a collectible piece, a limited-edition Little Nightmares III diorama is also available for preorder. The highly-detailed diorama depicts Low and Alone escaping from the grasp of Monster Baby and looks to be a must-have for serious collectors.

Little Nightmares III is shaping up to be the biggest and most terrifying entry yet in the fan-favorite horror series. The new cooperative gameplay and AI companion open up fresh ways to experience the creepy world, while maintaining the signature atmosphere and puzzles that makes Little Nightmares so memorable.

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