Lords of the Fallen Roadmap: HEXWORKS Continues Revitalising A Cult Classic

Lords of the Fallen first unleashed its punishing blend of dark fantasy combat in 2014. While it garnered a cult following, issues like bugs and balancing held it back from greatness. Now in 2023, CI Games’ studio HEXWORKS has revived this diamond in the rough with a reboot and robust post-launch roadmap tailored to fan feedback. As someone who battled through the original’s dank halls, I’m hyped to dive back into the oppressive realm of Loramend.

Revitalising Lord of the Fallen: HEXWORKS' Free Content Plan for 2023/2024

Special Events Summon New Gear

Kicking off the calendar are two limited-time in-game festivities. A spooky Halloween event and festive Yule holiday activity come with themed armor, weapons, and cosmetics acquired through special questlines and rewards.

Updates Target Launch Issues

Lords Of The Fallen Lightreaper.

While the reboot overhauls combat and systems, HEXWORKS is also rapidly addressing feedback with weekly patches. Prioritizing performance fixes, balancing, and technical improvements shows their commitment to smoothing out issues that slipped through testing.

Co-Creation Lets Fans Leave Their Mark

In a series first, the studio is collaborating with players to co-design upcoming questlines, features, and NG+ mutators based on feedback. Engaging the community through livestreams and social media enables fans to directly shape the rebooted game’s future.

Customizable NG+ Promises Endless Replays

Accursed Grove - HEXWORKS screenshot.

Easily the most game-changing addition is a fully mix-and-matchable New Game Plus mode. Tweaking a wild array of enemy factors like speed, damage, and health pools lets players curate bespoke challenge runs. The combinations promise near endless replay value for those seeking to test their skills against uncapped difficulties.

A Triumphant Return for Loramend

As someone who sunk hours into the first game and the reboot, I’m thrilled to see HEXWORKS revitalize Lords of the Fallen with care and passion. The 2023 reboot backed by responsive post-launch support shows a studio committed to delivering the definitive version of this cult classic. I’m hyped to once again be crushed by Loramend’s ruthless rhogar warlords.

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