Lords of the Fallen Sells Over 1 Million Units in First 10 Days

Lords of the Fallen, the dark fantasy action RPG developed by HEXWORKS and published by CI Games, has achieved an impressive milestone by selling over 1 million units just 10 days after its initial release. This makes it one of the fastest-selling new IP launches in recent years.

Venture Between Realms in Supernatural Mournstead

Lords of the Fallen, a group of people standing in a dark room, achieves over 1 million units sold in first 10 days.

Lords of the Fallen is set in the supernatural land of Mournstead, where players take on the role of Harkyn, a convicted criminal whose sins bind him to journey into the depths of the Rhogar realm – home to demonic monsters and supernatural beings. A key feature of the game is its unique dual-realm mechanic which allows players to shift between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead.

Tactical, Challenging Combat with Deep Customization

Combat in Lords of the Fallen is challenging and tactical, requiring players to carefully time blocks and dodge attacks while managing stamina. Character progression allows deep customization of attributes and abilities to suit different playstyles. The world is vast and interconnected, encouraging exploration and discovery. Online multiplayer features asynchronous play where players can interact with the ghosts of other heroes and villains.

CI Games’ Most Ambitious Release Yet

CI Games considers Lords of the Fallen to be their most important and ambitious title yet. It represents a major step forward as the first game in their planned pipeline of AAA releases. CI Games is an independent developer and publisher with studios across the world. They are known primarily for the Sniper Ghost Warrior tactical shooter franchise and the original Lords of the Fallen which helped establish their reputation for high-quality action games.

Developers Thank Passionate Fans

Lords of the Fallen, a dark knight game, gains massive success with over 1 million units sold in just the first 10 days.

In a press release, the developers at HEXWORKS expressed deep gratitude to the passionate community of players whose support and feedback have contributed greatly to the game’s early success. Since launch, the team has worked diligently on releasing patches to address performance issues, as well as introducing new crossplay features and gameplay mechanics. An upcoming patch promises to add crossplay capabilities between PC platforms.

Embark on a Fresh Dark Fantasy Quest

Players interested in learning more about Lords of the Fallen can visit the official website at lordsofthefallen.com. The site provides additional information about the game world and characters, as well as options to purchase and download the game. Lords of the Fallen also maintains an active presence on Twitter and YouTube where fans can find the latest updates, trailers, and developer insights.

Lords of the Fallen seems poised for continued success with strong early sales and a dedicated fanbase. As CI Games’ most ambitious title to date, its triumph marks an exciting new chapter for the publisher as they expand their catalog with more AAA experiences. The rapid work by HEXWORKS to support the game with new content and improvements also underscores their commitment to delivering a quality and lasting gameplay experience. Action RPG fans seeking a fresh dark fantasy adventure would do well to check out Lords of the Fallen.

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