Manor Lords Coming to PC and Xbox in April 2024

Hooded Horse revealed exciting news about the highly anticipated historical city-builder Manor Lords, developed by Slavic Magic and set in 14th-century Europe. Announced during the Xbox Partner Preview, the game will launch in early access on Steam and GOG and release day one on PC Game Pass on April 26, 2024.

Authentic 14th Century Setting

An idyllic village nestled within a sprawling forest, offering a serene aerial view.

Manor Lords transports players to 14th century Europe, where they’ll build and manage their own bustling settlement from the ground up. With authentic architecture, clothing, weapons, and culture, this slice of medieval life has been meticulously researched and rendered in stunning detail.

Your humble hamlet will grow into a thriving hub of activity, with farmers, craftsmen, merchants, soldiers, and more going about their daily duties. Along the way, you’ll need to weigh your decisions carefully, as maintaining a content populace is as important as fortifying your defenses against roving bandits.

Complex Systems Bring Settlement to Life

While visually stunning, Manor Lords also promises engaging gameplay systems to occupy armchair mayors for countless hours. Sophisticated economic and production chains will keep your resources flowing where they’re needed most. Layout and zoning your buildings wisely will be key to a smoothly operating town.

When conflict arises, the game shifts to a tactical battle mode where you’ll command your troops in medieval warfare. Between managing prosperity in times of peace and leading armies in war, Manor Lords looks to have incredible depth across multiple genres.

Manor Lords Coming to PC and Xbox Game Pass

Manor Lords will launch first on PC via Steam in April 2024. It will also be available on PC via Xbox Game Pass on day one, extending its reach to a huge built-in audience.

Manor Lords Release Date

The game will come to Xbox Series X/S later in 2024 as well, bringing the medieval antics to console players. Manor Lords supports English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Turkish languages at launch.

Promising a Fresh Take on City Building

With its eye-catching graphics, intricate systems, and blend of city management and tactical combat, Manor Lords aims to reinvigorate the well-worn city builder genre.

Early impressions are very positive, with many calling it a “breath of fresh air” in the space. If it lives up to its immense potential, Manor Lords could become a new classic when it releases next April for PC and Xbox. We’ll be following closely for more details on this medieval-lover’s dream game.

Manor Lords is slated for release for early access for PC on April 26th, 2024 on Steam and GOG, and will also be available day one on PC Game Pass via the Game Preview program.

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