Multiplayer Comes to Medieval Dynasty as Co-op Mode Launches

The popular medieval simulation RPG Medieval Dynasty ushered in a new era of cooperative multiplayer gameplay last week with the long-awaited launch of its co-op mode on December 7th.

Within the first few days, over 31,000 eager players dove into the lands of medieval Europe together, dividing responsibilities and combining strategic efforts to advance their shared dynastic ambitions. So far reviews have been overwhelmingly positive on Steam, with 89% of reviewers giving it a very positive score.

Medieval Dynasty Coop

Medieval Dynasty offers players a chance to rise from lowly peasant to respected leader of a thriving dynasty. Set in 10th century Europe, players must harness the region’s natural resources to craft tools and weapons, hunt wildlife, raise buildings, and expand their presence and power bit by bit. It’s a delicate balance of near-constant resource management paired with the ever-present threat of wildlife attacks.

Co-op Play Lets Friends Split the Burdens

A woman with sheep in front of a medieval hut in Medieval Dynasty

Now, the co-op mode allows players to divvy up those myriad responsibilities for the first time. Up to three total players can share the burdens of resource gathering, crafting, base building, technology research, and more. Of course, reaping the rewards together can be even sweeter too.

Introducing Female Characters and Expanded Character Creator

In addition to the co-op mode itself, the December 7th update also introduced female character options to the game for the first time. Players can now choose between male and female avatars and make use of an expanded character creator system that allows tuning of more physical attributes to enable greater personalization and roleplaying potential.

Will Medieval Dynasty Be on Consoles?

In the midst of a medieval dynasty, behold a picturesque village at night illuminated solely by the gentle glow of a single lantern.

While the co-op mode is only available for the PC version via Steam currently, Render Cube has stated that cross-platform co-op support will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2024. The Medieval Dynasty developers have also teased additional upcoming features like horse riding, new wildlife threats, and expanded settlement options in future updates.

For new players eager to dive into the world of Medieval Dynasty in solo or cooperative play, the game is currently 25% off on Steam until December 15th. That brings the total asking price to just $29.99. Considering the value offered by the base game and now bolstered even further by the co-op mode, that discount makes now the perfect time for newcomers to stake their claim and work toward dynastic greatness.

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