NCSOFT Unveils Throne and Liberty Gameplay and More at G-STAR 2023

NCSOFT pulled back the curtain on several highly anticipated titles at last week’s G-STAR 2023 event in Busan, South Korea. Headlining the showcase was new gameplay footage from Throne and Liberty, NCSOFT’s upcoming fantasy MMORPG.

Throne and Liberty Shows Off New Content in Latest Trailer

Throne and Liberty (TL), the flagship title that NCSOFT hopes will captivate global audiences, unveiled its latest trailer during the G-STAR Opening Speech. The trailer highlights some of the sweeping changes coming to the game ahead of its December 7th launch in South Korea.

Throne and Liberty Trailer

TL producer Jongok Ahn provided additional details during a live demo on November 18th, which offered players a closer look at some of the game’s core features. The presentation spotlighted a solo dungeon, a 6-player co-op dungeon, and a large-scale guild raid, showcasing the diversity of PvE content TL will offer.

Check out the Throne and Liberty Gameplay Trailer below – please note this is in Korean.

Throne and Liberty Gameplay

On-Site Throne and Liberty Events Planned for G-STAR Attendees

Along with the new trailer and gameplay demo, NCSOFT has organized numerous TL events for G-STAR 2023 attendees. Players can get hands-on with the game’s character creator and early zones, as well as score some exclusive in-game items. Those eager for an even deeper dive can sign up for 30-minute guided playthroughs with the game’s developers.

Additional Upcoming NCSOFT Titles Showcased

Beyond Throne and Liberty, NCSOFT highlighted several other upcoming PC and mobile titles.

These included:

  • LLL, a “next-gen action MMORPG” built using Unreal Engine 5
  • Battle Crush, a mobile RPG focused on large-scale territory wars
  • Project BSS, a stylish side-scrolling brawler set in a cyberpunk future
  • Project G, an unannounced mobile MMORPG
  • Project M, another mysterious mobile RPG project

With this range of games in the pipeline across multiple platforms, NCSOFT looks to deliver experiences that appeal to a wide variety of gameplay tastes and preferences.

G-STAR 2023 offered players and industry watchers alike a window into NCSOFT’s gaming roadmap for the months and years ahead. Throne and Liberty clearly remains the headlining act — but it now has some intriguing supporting characters alongside it.

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