Into the Worldless Unknown – New Metroidvania Out Now!

“Worldless,” the innovative new turn-based metroidvania from Thunderful, Coatsink, and Noname Studios, is now available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Blending strategic combat with fluid platforming exploration, “Worldless” offers a unique take on both genres.

A New Spin on Turn-Based Battles At the heart of “Worldless” is its one-of-a-kind combat system, combining turn-based strategy with precisely-timed attacks and defenses. Enemies take their turns, requiring fast reaction times to avoid damage. This tense back-and-forth creates white-knuckle showdowns with cunning foes.

Worldless has launched now!

The concept reminds me of the Paper Mario franchise, one of my absolute favourites. Some of my first games were Paper Mario 64 and Thousand Year Door. Metroidvania platforming with a turn-based combat system, with a focus on timing? I’m already in love.

RPG Depth Through Skill Trees

Wordless - the Halo fight

Complementing the real-time action is an intricate skill tree that unlocks new combat options and passive buffs. With each new node unlocked, additional strategic possibilities open up. Carefully navigating this web of upgrades allows players to create builds tailored to their playstyle.

Mysterious Worlds Inspire Curiosity

Wordless's dash attack.

All of this takes place in an evocative world where entities are trapped in eternal conflict due to the instability caused by their polar attractions. This unique premise, combined with a haunting soundtrack, encourages delving deeper into the world’s mysteries. What happened to this realm? Why are its inhabitants locked in endless war? Answering these questions drives players forward.

Fluid, Finessed Exploration

Worldless's water run metroidvania ability

Of course, being a metroidvania, exploration is key. Players must traverse elaborate environments, using platforming prowess and observation skills to discover hidden levers, shortcuts, and power-ups. Absorbing enemies grants new abilities that open up previously unreachable areas in classic metroidvania fashion. Navigating the world feels fluid and reactive.

Excitement for Launch

Worldless's lightning attack.

On the game’s launch, Studio Director David Sanchez said “We are thrilled to finally unveil this project we’ve poured our hearts into. We can’t wait for players to get lost in the Worldless, to see their jaws drop when discovering colossal enemies and bosses, and to hear their gasps upon uncovering strange secrets.” Clearly the team is confident they have something special on their hands.

With its tight blend of strategic combat and finessed exploration, “Worldless” puts an imaginative spin on two classic genres. Whether battling cunning foes or platforming through atmospheric ruins, this metroidvania demands your attention.

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