New Puzzle Adventure Boxes: Lost Fragments Launching Next Month

Indie developer Big Loop Studios has announced the upcoming Steam release of their cryptic puzzle adventure game Boxes: Lost Fragments. After over a year in development and incorporating community feedback, the game’s launch is set for next month.

Immersive World of Intricate Puzzles

Boxes: Lost Fragments screenshot

Boxes: Lost Fragments aims to immerse players in a mysterious mansion filled with elaborate puzzle boxes. Players must explore the expansive 3D environment and use their wits to solve unique mechanical puzzles room by room. With its eerie atmosphere, intricate machines, and challenging puzzles – similar to the classic puzzle game The Room – Big Loop Studios promises an exciting intellectual challenge.

Lavish Mansion Split into Distinct Sections

Boxes: Lost Fragments puzzle box

The lavish mansion where Boxes: Lost Fragments takes place is split into several distinct sections. As players traverse deeper into the mansion, the visuals, puzzles, and challenges shift. The developers remained tight-lipped on the specifics but hinted that themes range from steampunk laboratories to ornate libraries. Solving puzzles is the only way forward.

Improved and Expanded from Community Feedback

Boxes Lost Fragments: A room with a clock and lights in it, filled with mysterious boxes that may hold hidden treasures or forgotten memories.

Originally slated for release in 2023, Boxes: Lost Fragments was delayed based on critical feedback during production. This allowed Big Loop Studios to significantly expand the scope of the game by adding new areas to explore, introducing an alternate game mode, and creating more complex multi-step puzzles. The final product shows the team’s dedication to community input.

Cross-Platform Developer Collaborates with Adventure Specialist

The Bulgarian studio Big Loop has delivered several well-received cross-platform puzzle titles in recent years. For their latest project, they collaborated with publisher Snapbreak Games. The Swedish company focuses solely on bringing memorable adventure and puzzle experiences to PC and mobile.

Check Out the Trailer and Wishlist on Steam

Check out the trailer below.

Boxes: Lost Fragments Trailer

If you’re interested in helping to solve the mansion’s secrets, head to the Boxes: Lost Fragments Steam page. The Boxes: Lost Fragments release date is slated for the 1st February 2024.

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