New Yokai Farming Sim is Coming in 2024

ACE Entertainment has announced their newest game, Tales of Seikyu, a magical yokai farming adventure set to launch in 2024. This imaginative life-sim invites players into a fantasy world rich with folklore and charm.

Explore the Mystical Land of Seikyu

A Japanese room with a table and chairs  in the tales of Seikyu.

In Tales of Seikyu, you’ll arrive at a dilapidated farm in desperate need of care. This is your new home, situated near a rustic village populated by yokai – supernatural monsters and spirits from Japanese mythology. Eccentric characters like the cunning fox lord Kyubi and Yoji the occult-obsessed folklorist are your new neighbors.

As you nurture your crops and befriend the locals, you’ll unravel the secrets of the land. Before long, your ramshackle farmhouse blossoms into the realm’s hottest inn or a thriving monster ranch.

Engaging Farming Sim and Creature Collecting

A screenshot of a video game from the Tales of Seikyu series featuring a colossal creature lurking amidst the lush grass.

From the sounds of the game, fans of farming sims will delight in the changing seasonal rhythms of Seikyu. With meticulous care, fruits and vegetables grow from fledgling sprouts into bountiful harvests. Livestock grazing in the meadows offer ingredients for delectable dishes when treated well.

In addition to crops and animals, mystical creatures inspired by yokai lore inhabit the forests and rivers. Players with a sharp eye may even spot a mischievous kitsune or two!

Magical Moments with Shape-Shifting Disguises

Tales of Seikyu is an immersive video game that transports players into a captivating world.

The burning curiosity of the locals leads to fascinating adventures. Before venturing out, you’ll don one of many divine masks imbued with transformative magic. These disguises grant unique abilities to overcome obstacles in creative ways.

Undercover, you’ll bravely thwart supernatural foes threatening the township’s peace. Back on the farm, channel magic masks to boost agriculture yields or simply let your imagination run wild.

Multiplayer Farming Adventures

While rich solo experiences await, Tales of Seikyu really shines when enjoyed with friends. Through online multiplayer, players can explore the countryside, forage for hidden treasures, and decorate each other’s homesteads.

Band together to unlock deeper secrets of Seikyu not accessible alone. Harvest crops, mine materials, and battle mythic beasts as a squad. Friendship blossoms through cooperation in this mystical world.

Watch the Enchanting Announcement Trailer

Recently dropped footage tours verdant fields dotted with sakura trees in bloom. Gleaming fireflies glitter above babbling brooks as a kagura dance unfolds. The signature fox masks and tatami mat floors hint at the Japanese inspiration behind Seikyu.

Add Tales of Seikyu to your Steam wishlist and visit the official website for future updates on this highly-anticipated mythical farming sim adventure. ACE Entertainment plans additional sneak peeks ahead of the 2024 launch, so check back regularly as development progresses.

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